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To Catch a Virus

Authors: John Booss and Marilyn J. August

Expert storytellers weave together the science, technological advances, medical urgencies, and human stories that chronicle the development of the field of diagnostic virology.
Appeals to the pioneer and adventure-seeker who is interested in how a scientific field evolves.

Paperback, 392 pages, illustrations, index.

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Germ Theory: Medical Pioneers in Infectious Diseases

Author: Robert P. Gaynes

From Hippocrates to Lillian Wald-the stories of scientists whose work changed the way we think about and treat infection. Relevant to anyone interested in microbiology, infectious disease, or how medical discoveries shape our modern understanding.

Paperback, 329 pages, illustrations, index.

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Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World

Author: Irwin W. Sherman

Considers the history of twelve important diseases: their impact, their consequences, their costs, and the lessons learned. Examining hemophilia, blight, tuberculosis, cholera, smallpox, bubonic plague, influenza, malaria, yellow fever, syphilis, porphyria, and AIDS, this book not only covers the diseases' histories but also addresses public health responses and societal upheavals. .

Paperback, 219 pages, illustrations, index.


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The Power of Plagues

Author: Irwin W. Sherman

Offers a fascinating examination of epidemic diseases within a historical context. Engagingly written, this book presents the science of plagues in an understandable and accessible manner, describing the nature and evolution of diseases and conveying their significance in shaping Western culture and civilization.

Paperback, 431 pages, illustrations, index.

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ASM Press News and Reviews

 View the six ASM Press titles deemed essential to library collections on Doody's Core Titles 2014 list


Review: Cheese and Microbes
CHEESE NOTES - July 2014
"This is not a cheesemaking guide, and you won’t find any recipes in it. Neither is it a microbiology 101 textbook (although it does cover the fundamentals of both cheesemaking and microbiology). Rather, it collects some of the best studies, essays and research, from a broad array of authors, on the subject of microbes and the science of cheesemaking, seen through the lens of a variety of cheese stylesread more


Review: Regulation of Bacterial Virulence
"Overall, the book underwent exceptional editorial work ensuring similar (and good) organizational structure of each chapter, with most having color and highly informative schematic illustrations on the corresponding topics. Thus, this volume has the excellent potential to be of use for a wide spectrum of readers interested in molecular biology and physiology of bacterial pathogens—established researchers, teaching instructors, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate more


Review: Intracelluar Pathogens I: Chlamydiales
""This volume provides a series of expert and detailed updates on the complexity of Chlamydia, how they function, how they interact with their host cells and, importantly, why they are still such successful human and animal pathogens. The chlamydial inclusion (front cover image) could be visualized as a hatching egg, emerging from the cell that it has just hijacked for its own purposes, and ready to now spread its hundreds of progeny to infect the next unsuspecting host. This book equally showcases the many parts of Chlamydia that make it such a successful pathogen." read more


Review: Oral Microbiology and Immunology, Second Edition
"This book provides comprehensive information about oral microbiology and immunology. I liked in particular that the chapters are self-contained and that the authors start in each chapter with a brief introduction to the topic and the terminology used before engaging in in-depth discussions. Very helpful are the highlighted boxes named “key points” located at the end of each chapter, which replace the summary/conclusion section often found in textbooks. The illustrations (most are in color) are outstanding." read more


Review: Oral Microbiology and Immunology, Second Edition
"The second edition of Oral Microbiology and Immunology presents, as the authors state: ‘a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the oral ecosystem and its role in human health and disease’. I feel the book is an excellent educational tool for dental and microbiology students and a good revision aid for postgraduates. The book is edited by three eminent professors of oral microbiology, molecular genetics and immunology and each chapter is contributed to by individuals who work within each particular field." read more


Review: Medical Biotechnology
"This beautifully illustrated book is jargon-free and presents information in an easy-to-follow format...This book is a unique blend of basic knowledge and experimental strategy that will surely be beneficial for anyone wishing to understand how biotechnology enhances the practice of medicine." read more