2012 ASM Student Chapter Support Program: Funding Guidelines



The Student Chapter Support Program provides up to $300 funding for each ASM Student Chapter.  The goals of the program are to

  • Increase collaboration between Branches and Student Chapters
  • Strengthen the relationship between ASM and Student Chapters
  • Facilitate student-based programs/events at the university level
  • Fund activities within Student Chapters


To qualify for funding, proposals must be submitted either (1) jointly with a Branch if the Student Chapter was sponsored by a Branch when chartered, or (2) solely by the Student Chapter if it was sponsored by the Branch Organization Committee (BOC) when chartered.  $10,000 is available in 2012 for the Student Chapter Support Program and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


The BOC welcomes all funding requests for programs organized and scheduled for 2012.    


Funding Application Process


To apply for funding, a 2012 Student Chapter Support Program Proposal Form and a summary of the program, activity or project must be completed and submitted to either (1) the Regional Planning Coordinator (RPC) if submitted jointly with a Branch or (2) the Branch Organization Committee (BOC) Chair if not submitted jointly with a Branch.  Upon submission, the proposal will be reviewed for funding consideration.


All completed proposal forms and summaries must be submitted by December 31, 2012.  If approved, a check will be issued and sent to the individual identified in the proposal summary.  A copy of the funding letter will also be sent to all pertinent parties.


Funding Reporting


For Student Chapters sponsored by a Branch when chartered:  Once monies have been spent, a brief report should be provided to the BOC through the Branch Annual Report.  In the Branch Annual Report, the Branch President or Secretary will certify that the monies were spent in support of the activity that was the subject of the proposal.  It is not necessary that expenditures be documented.  The Branch Annual Report is due to ASM Headquarters on January 1, 2012.  2012 funding will not be approved until a report of 2011 funding is received.


For Student Chapters sponsored by the BOC when chartered:  Upon receipt of monies, the Faculty Advisor of the Student Chapter should return the “ASM Student Chapter Acknowledgement of Funds Received” form to ASM Headquarters.   The Student Chapter Annual Report (due annually on February 15) will request information about how the funds were used.  A copy of the activity report will be provided to the BOC Chair, as required.  2012 funding will not be approved until a report of 2011 funding is received.