Speakers' Bureau Testimonials

I enjoyed that I was able to hear our speaker talk about her career with just having Bachelors of Science and hearing how microbiology plays a role in the industry. –Student from University of North Texas

[The speaker] did an excellent job in presenting her experience to both undergraduates and graduate students. I really feel she opened the door to industry careers which are often forgotten about. – Student from University of North Texas

I think it's a great program and I would like to see more speakers. –Student from Georgia Tech

The students were appreciative of the opportunity to learn about the career options available to microbiologists in the field of biosafety and biosecurity which many of them were completely unaware of prior to Dr. delaRosa’s visit. – Dr. Rosana Schafer, Associate Professor, West Virginia University

I am very happy that ASM has started this program; it helped our students to learn about another career path. 
– Dr. Poonam Gulati, Professor, University of Houston- Downtown







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