Division of Global HIV/AIDS


1. DGA Drug Resistance Surveillance and Monitoring in resource-limited Settings  

C. Yang  

Research in the laboratory focuses on the development and implementation of HIV drug resistance genotyping tools and usage of these genotyping tools in the surveillance and monitoring of HIV drug resistance in resource-limited settings to minimize the development and transmission of HIV drug resistant strains in antiretroviral-treated and recently HIV-infected populations and to inform stakeholders and policy-makers on the effectiveness of HIV prevention, and care and treatment efforts in PEPFAR-supported countries. Specific research areas include 1) Surveillance and monitoring of HIV drug resistance development in PEPFAR-supported countries 2) Evaluation of resource-limited-setting friendly sample collection methodologies in the surveillance of HIV drug resistance in PEPFAR-supported countries, 3) Associations of HIV-1 subtypes and circulating recombinant forms on the development and persistence of HIV drug resistant mutations in countries where multiple subtypes and circulating recombinant forms are co-circulating and their impact on the efficacies of antiretroviral therapy.  


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