September/October 2008


2009 Member-Get-A-Member Program

ASM is now offering up to $75 off ASM products available on the Estore for each new Full Member you recruit to 2009 membership! This discount can only be used at the Estore and includes books, conference and teleconference meeting registrations, webinars and other ASM products.  Or, if preferred, you can donate your $75 to an ASM grant program. Full members can recruit an unlimited number of colleagues, so the savings can quickly add up. 


For purposes of this promotional program, a new Full Member is defined as an individual who has never been a Full Member of ASM, or who was once a member but has had a membership lapse of 4 years or more.  Members that transition from one member category to Full Membership will not be considered ‘new Full Members’ as part of this program.  For more information, visit


Preregistration for the 109th General Meeting in Philadelphia, PA opens November 10th.  Register between

November 10th and December 1st for a significant discount!

Small Things Considered

Moselio Schaechter's blog shares his appreciation for the width and depth of the microbial activities on this planet. The blog emphasizes unusual and unexpected phenomena.

A past President of ASM, Dr. Schaechter considers himself an actively retired microbiologist.  The focus of his research career was working on growth physiology and bacterial cell organization.

Check daily for posts about everything from new science, news about ASM, to guest posts from scientists around the world.

Microbiologists are welcome to answer queries, comment on content, write guest blog entries, and provide feedback.


Microbes have never before have been so prominently featured n the headlines. From the anthrax attacks of 2001 to the potential of viral and bacterial infections for victims of Hurricane Katrina, the emergence of avian flu to growing interest in alternative fuel sources, microbiology has become an important national issue. 

Through blogs, podcasts, video and social networks, MicrobeWorld collects, distributes and highlights the process of discovery, historical changes in research, and a variety of scientific careers in industry, academia, and government. For more information visit MicrobeWorld online at

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