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ASM is the forum for the microbial sciences, publishing articles that produce 32% of all microbiology citations and 18% of all microbiology articles. Select an ASM journal to showcase your science and to ensure that your research delivers the maximum impact to the worldwide scientific community. Read the latest press release or blog from our collection of journals below.

The mission of the ASM Journals program is to advance the microbiological sciences through the pursuit of scientific knowledge and dissemination of the results of fundamental and applied research. ASM journals publish high-quality research that has been rigorously peer reviewed by experts and evaluated by academic editors who are working scientists drawn from eminent institutions around the world.  Known for their quality, rigor, and fairness, ASM Journals continue to provide current, influential coverage of basic and clinical microbial research.

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2017 04582 SSPA Logo Horizontal RGB 2ASM is a founding member of Scientific Society Publisher Alliance (SSPA) to promote awareness and support of society-sponsored journals. 


AAC is devoted exclusively to studies of antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic agents. #AACJournal
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AEM publishes research on topics of practical value in all aspects of applied and environmental microbiology. #AppEnvMicro
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CMR offers reviews on issues important to clinical microbiology and immunology. #ClinMicroRev
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CVI publishes discoveries in clinical, laboratory, and vaccine immunology to advance vaccine research. #CVIJournal
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EcoSal Plus covers all all aspects of E. coli, Salmonella, and other Enterobacteriaceae as model microbes.  


IAI focuses on the interaction of hosts with microbial communities and pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and parasites. #IAIJournal
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JB publishes articles on the molecular and cellular processes of bacteria, archaea, and their viruses. #JBacteriology
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JCM focuses on the laboratory’s role in managing infectious diseases and elucidating the etiology of infection.   #JClinMicro
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JMBE is an open-access journal with focus on educational resources, development, and transformation. #JMBE
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JVI focuses on research of viruses of all organisms and features all cross-disciplinary approaches to virology. #JVirology
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mBio® is an open-access journal that incorporates the entirety of the highly interconnected microbial biosphere. @mbiojournal
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MCB includes research on all aspects of molecular biology of eukaryotic cells related to the microbial sciences. #MCBJournal
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MMBR is an inclusive review journal focused on microbiology, immunology, and molecular and cellular biology. #MMBRJournal


Microbiology Resource Announcements (MRA) is an online-only, fully open access journal that publishes articles announcing the availability of any microbiological resource deposited in a repository available to the community.


Microbiology Spectrum publishes commissioned reviews on important and relevant topics in the microbial sciences.

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mSphere is an open-access, rapid publication journal publishing all topics related to the microbial sciences. @mSphereJ
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mSystems focuses on high-throughput analyses at the single cell and microbial community scale. @mSystemsJ

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ASM recently announced support for the newly established Scientific Society Publisher Alliance(SSPA) through participation as a founding member.

SSPA's not-for-profit member societies seek to provide authors with the opportunity to have their work validated by their peers in a fair manner for publication in a prestigious journal managed by working scientists, such as the journals provided under the ASM Journals Program.

Invest in the microbial sciences community while promoting your research by publishing your next manuscript to an ASM journal!


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