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The Branches of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) have a long history of serving microbiology at the local level. They provide members with a wide range of scientific programs, networking events, and the opportunity to serve in leadership roles.


ASM's thirty-five Branches are organized by geographical territories that are defined by one or more states and/or zip code areas. Branches are individually chartered, elect their own officers, set their own dues, and determine their own membership criteria. Although membership in the National ASM is not required to join a Branch, it is strongly encouraged. Only National members have full voting privileges in the Branch and are eligible to serve in leadership roles.


Branches play a key role in the ASM Student and Postdoctoral Chapter program, serving as sponsors and mentors for local Student and Postdoctoral Chapters.  Click here for more information on the Student and Postdoctoral Chapter program.


The Branch Organization Committee was established by ASM to serve as a formal liaison between the national ASM and the 35 Branches and 100+ Student and Postdoctoral Chapters of the Society. The Committee provides programming support and funding opportunities for the Branches and Chapters, specifically intended to foster the core missions of the Branches, Chapters and ASM.


  • For information on the ASM Branch program and on individual ASM Branches, please check out the programs and resources sidebar menu on this page.  



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