Student and Postdoctoral Chapter Support Funding Guidelines

Student and Postdoc Chapter Funding Proposal Form



The ASM Student and Postdoctoral Chapter Support Program provides up to $300 in funding per calendar year for each Student and Postdoctoral Chapter. The goals of the program are to

    • Increase collaboration between Branches and Chapters
    • Strengthen the relationship between ASM and Chapters     
    • Facilitate student and/or postdoctoral-based microbiology-related programs and events at the university level
    • Fund activities within Chapters

The Student and Postdoctoral Chapter Support Program is administered by the Branch Organization Committee (BOC), which is composed of the Committee Chair and seven Regional Planning Coordinators (RPCs), who oversee the activities of the Branches and Chapters in their respective regions. All Chapter Funding Proposals will be reviewed by an RPC or the BOC Chair, and only approved proposals will be funded. Funding is provided on a first-come, first-served basis, until all available money is awarded.


Funding Application Process

Chapters wishing to apply for funding must complete the following steps:

    1. Complete a Funding Proposal Form, indicating Chapter name, amount requested, short description of proposed activity, and Faculty Advisor name and contact information
    2. Obtain approval signature from Faculty Advisor
    3. Submit completed form to ASM HQ* for final routing to RPC


Upon receipt of completed proposal forms, ASM HQ Staff will do the following:

    1. Route the proposal form to the appropriate RPC for review/approval
    2. Inform local Branch about proposed Chapter activity
    3. Process approved proposals and send funding letters and checks to contact names indicated on proposal forms; RPCs and Branches will be copied on funding letters


*ASM HQ Address for Submitting Proposals:

Attn: Anne Dempsey

E-mail Submission Preferred:

Regular Mailing Address: c/o ASM; 1752 N Street, NW; Washington, DC 20036

Fax: 202-942-9346


Reporting Requirements

Each Student and Postdoctoral Chapter must submit an Annual Report to ASM HQ that includes a short report on the funded activity (it will not be necessary to document expenditures in detail). Annual Reports are due to ASM HQ by April 15th. A Call for Reports will be sent in early February.  Note – If a Chapter conducts an activity with a local Branch, the Branch may also request a short report on the funded activity for its Branch Annual Report.


Click Here to Access the Student and Postdoc Chapter Funding Proposal Form