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Best of ASM Blogs 2017

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Thanks to readers and writers alike for making 2017 a spectacular year ASM Blogs! Not only did we highlight top research from ASM Journals in mBiosphere, we also helped young scientists with career advice, professional development and career exploration in the ASM Careers blog, and explored the many ways microbiology affects the world around us in Microbial Sciences. Readers received firsthand views from our CEO on issues from publishing to scientific policy in bLog Phase, and we launched the new clinical microbiology blog, Bugs & Drugs. Special thanks to all our contributing ASM member authors!

Here are the blogging highlights from this year:

Top Teaching Microbiology post:

Use Concept Inventories to Improve Student Learning
by Merrilee Anderson, Ph.D. July 2017 

petridishesClinMicroTop Careers post:

Career Advice to Early-Stage Clinical Microbiologists
July 2017

Top bLog Phase post:

The Dangers of Closing the Border on Global Science
January 2017

handwashing2Top Microbial Sciences post:

Antibiotic Resistance, Soap, and False Advertising
February 2017

Top Bugs & Drugs post:

TMI: Deciding Whether to Include MIC Values in Susceptibility Reports
July 2017


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