A new giant virus infecting marine algae brings its own genes related to fermentation, generating energy in the absence of oxygen!

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Algae are amazing microorganisms, and Dr. Mayfield says that the more you know about algae, the more you like them. 

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Very small ocean algae consume bacterial prey of a similar size to themselves by engulfing them only partially!

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Sunday, 22 April 2018 15:52

Shave ice and giant viruses - TWiV 490

Human cowpox infection possibly acquired from a pet cat, and a new giant mimivirus of green algae with genes encoding enzymes of fermentation.

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Tiny crustaceans eat paramecia, allowing viruses to infect algae inside them.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 20:02

Wooden steps - TWiM 152

The bacteria that allow a giant shipworm to oxidize sulfur, and algae that live within salamander cells.

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Algae growing in Arctic snow make red pigments that heat up their surroundings.

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Øjvind Moestrup and Peter Ulvskov, both at the University of Copenhagen and Jesper Harholt at Carlsberg Laboratory, also in Copenhagen, Denmark, talk with Jeff Fox about their hypothesis about terrestrial plants, based on analyses of the cell walls of charophycean green algae.

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Curbing climate change with algae using innovative environmental technology.

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