Wednesday, 17 August 2016 13:44

Zika A, G, C, U

It took me one year to determine the 7,442-base sequence of poliovirus RNA by this technique.

In our lab, Audrey Warren is creating DNA copies of the RNA of many different Zika virus isolates from all over the world. She amplifies short pieces of the Zika virus RNA genome by polymerase chain reaction, and then sends off the DNA to a local company.

We get the results the next day on a website.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016 12:43

The Cost of Zika Zoo

Our protocol for infecting mice with Zika virus was approved, the animals were ordered, and now we are ready to do an experiment. This week we also received the bill for the animals and their housing—an eye-opener for anyone not used to animal research.

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Monday, 13 June 2016 22:28

Migratory Microbiologists Boston Bound

We could never hope to outnumber them. There are, after all, trillions of microbes around (and in) us, but this week at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) those who study microbes, dedicated microbial scientists, will gather in the thousands to present, argue, and ponder our favorite subject: the microbial sciences. I could not be more excited to be ASM CEO for the very first ASM Microbe meeting.  Thus far, we have over 10,000 registrants and I am imagining poster tubes by the thousands being stowed in overhead bins of every flight bound for Logan Airport. I can visualize the crowds converging on the Convention Center and hotels. Most importantly, I can see scientists from around the world touching down in Boston to catch the most recent discoveries, the sharpest insights, and the widest overviews. Our science never stands still, and neither do ASM members.

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We've studied phages for almost a century, but what progress has been made towards phage therapies? Researchers are developing some surprising ways to exploit phage in the clinic. One method, phage display, has both anthrax and cocaine addiction in common.
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