Vincent Racaniello

Vincent Racaniello

Vincent Racaniello, Ph.D. is Professor of Microbiology at Columbia University Medical Center. As principal investigator of his laboratory, he oversees the research that is carried out by Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows. He also teaches virology to graduate students, as well as medical, dental, and nursing students.

Vincent entered the world of social media in 2004 with virology blog, followed by This Week in Virology. Videocasts of lectures from his undergraduate virology course are on iTunes University and virology blog. You can find him on WikipediaTwitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His goal is to be Earth’s virology professor. In recognition of his contribution to microbiology education, he was awarded the Peter Wildy Prize for Microbiology Education by the Society for General Microbiology. His Wildy Lecture provides an overview of how he uses social media for science communication.

Thursday, 06 December 2018 19:07

TWiM 190 Letters

Mark writes:

Dear TWiM-opods,

Congratulations on your successful, long running show. You have great quality and interact many ways with listeners. There is only one thing wrong with TWiM - it is a bi-weekly show. What would it take to make it a weekly event?  Do you all think you could survive the fun and excitement of a weekly show?..

Exosomes, vesicles that are shed from cells: those that eliminate airway pathogens, and those from the plants we eat that shape our gut microbiome.

Sunday, 02 December 2018 19:23

Readers of the lost ORF - TWiV 522

Isolation of a naturally occurring DNA virus from fruit flies, and the cell-type specific function of a small transmembrane protein encoded in an open reading frame upstream of the enterovirus polyprotein.

Sunday, 02 December 2018 19:16

TWiV 522 Letters

Tony writes:

Hi TWiV panel!

Here’s a question appropriate for the upcoming World AIDS Day! Does the panel agree it’s appropriate for China to suspend He Jiankui for violating medical ethics for his use of CRISPR to genetically engineer infants immune to HIV?

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 14:35

TWiP 162 Letters

Case guesses:

Wink Weinberg writes:

Dear TWIP Professors,

I really do not know what caused the cardiac birth defects in the mother who returned to Brazil in her third trimester. However, according to the following article, congenital infection with Trypanosoma cruzi is a real hazard in Bolivia. Furthermore, congenital transmission occurred predominantly in newborns with a gestational age of 26 to 37 weeks...

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 14:26

That swollen parcel of dropsies - TWiP 162

The case of the Baby With Pericardial Effusion, and whether the flagellate without a flagella, Dientamoeba fragilis, causes human illness.

Sunday, 25 November 2018 14:22

TWiV 521 Letters

Sophia writes:

Dear Vincent

this is a message to help you increase your subscribers on youtube. I honestly don’t see a reason why you can’t reach 25,000. Neither do I believe your listeners are not subscribing because they don’t care. I just think the way you tell us is not as practical and people forget. These are my suggestions...

Sunday, 25 November 2018 13:57

Spitting in the Allee - TWiV 521

The discovery of another giant virus from 30,000 year old Siberian permafrost, and how viral aggregation accelerates the production of new infectious viruses and increases fitness, demonstrating an Allee effect.

Sunday, 18 November 2018 15:45

TWiV 520 Letters

Bob writes:

Near the end of the podcast when Rich Condit was talking about the voyages of James Cook I wondered if he had read the book by Richard Holmes, “The Age of Wonder.”..

Sunday, 18 November 2018 15:33

This old mouse - TWiV 520

Universal influenza vaccines that are in clinical trials, and discovery of an atypical parvovirus that causes chronic kidney disease in middle aged, immunocompromised laboratory mice.

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