Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar is microbiologist with a PhD from North Carolina State University and Bachelor's from Cornell. Most of his research has focused on the amazing abilities and potential uses of bacteria, especially those found in soil. Jesse hosts the BacterioFiles podcast highlighting the most interesting recent microbiology research on all kinds of different microbes, part of the ASM family of podcasts. Learn more at or at

Bacteria affect fruit fly behavior by reducing their need and craving for protein-rich food!

Bacteria could help treat corrosion to preserve ancient iron artifacts!

Bacteria that produce antibiotic molecule can also use it for communication between cells!

Separate groups of bacteria can each thrive better when they take turns growing instead of competing!

Newly discovered giant viruses almost build their own replication machinery instead of using their host's!

Sunday, 03 September 2017 21:53

Fungus Foils Phytophagy - BacterioFiles 309

Fungi living in plants could protect them from ants that cut up their leaves to feed their own fungal gardens!

Eukaryotic ocean microbes have surprisingly diverse and complex ballistic weapons!

A stable community of only 7 bacteria around corn roots take on similar functions to the much more diverse soil community!

Filament-forming organisms help bacteria swim through soil and exchange genes with each other! Also, new feature: microbe of the episode!

Tardigrades have an interesting way of surviving complete drying out: by producing proteins lacking a stable structure!

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