Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar is microbiologist with a PhD from North Carolina State University and Bachelor's from Cornell. Most of his research has focused on the amazing abilities and potential uses of bacteria, especially those found in soil. Jesse hosts the BacterioFiles podcast highlighting the most interesting recent microbiology research on all kinds of different microbes, part of the ASM family of podcasts. Learn more at or at

Fungi modified to produce spider and scorpion toxins kill malaria-transmitting mosquitoes extra fast!

Filament network-forming organisms like fungi can transfer nutrients and moisture to bacteria in harsher conditions!

Bacteria that prey on other bacteria could help keep corals healthy!

Studying how Wolbachia bacteria spread through a mosquito population helps efforts to use them to prevent the spread of Dengue!

Scientists study how fungi make interesting peptides using large proteins instead of ribosomes.

In mice genetically modified to have Alzheimer's-like disease, giving probiotics reduced their degeneration!

Bacteria affect fruit fly behavior by reducing their need and craving for protein-rich food!

Bacteria could help treat corrosion to preserve ancient iron artifacts!

Bacteria that produce antibiotic molecule can also use it for communication between cells!

Separate groups of bacteria can each thrive better when they take turns growing instead of competing!

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