Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar is microbiologist with a PhD from North Carolina State University and Bachelor's from Cornell. Most of his research has focused on the amazing abilities and potential uses of bacteria, especially those found in soil. Jesse hosts the BacterioFiles podcast highlighting the most interesting recent microbiology research on all kinds of different microbes, part of the ASM family of podcasts. Learn more at or at

Roundworms and not-too-irritating bacteria quickly evolve a beneficial relationship when under threat from other bacterial pathogens!

A new giant virus infecting marine algae brings its own genes related to fermentation, generating energy in the absence of oxygen!

Combining cells with light-absorbing nanomaterials can help tumor-targeting bacteria produce more anticancer compound!

Engineering yeast to control their metabolism using light and dark for the production of advanced biofuels and chemicals!

The bacterial immune system, CRISPR-Cas, can enhance gene transfer via transduction (phages carrying bacteria DNA) despite preventing it via conjugation!

Some bacteria that can cause pneumonia can prevent other bacteria from doing the same!

A harmless strain of bacteria on the skin produces a compound that can prevent tumors from forming!

A new giant virus has genes for a surprisingly complete system of protein synthesis!

A version of the microbial enzyme that fixes nitrogen can also convert carbon dioxide to methane!

Bacteria that contain tiny magnets can generate an electric current!

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