Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar is microbiologist with a PhD from North Carolina State University and Bachelor's from Cornell. Most of his research has focused on the amazing abilities and potential uses of bacteria, especially those found in soil. Jesse hosts the BacterioFiles podcast highlighting the most interesting recent microbiology research on all kinds of different microbes, part of the ASM family of podcasts. Learn more at or at

Phages bound to magnetic nanoparticles can be guided and pulled toward their target, penetrating biofilms to kill harmful microbes!

Gut microbes in mice break down plant foods and produce molecules that stimulate the immune system to resist influenza!

Learning about endosymbionts by comparing bacteria living inside eukaryotes to their free-living cousins!

Figuring out how mushrooms launch their spores out using a trick of water surface tension!

Hot spring archaea prefer to use elements that give them less energy even when more energetic options are available!

I talk with Dr. Walter Sandoval-Espinola, a researcher from Paraguay, now a postdoc at Harvard, about his discovery that biofuel-producing bacteria Clostridium beijerinckii can also transform CO2 and carbon monoxide into biofuels!

Fungal endophytes transferred from healthy adult plant leaf litter help baby cacao plants resist disease!

Bacteria with various gene knockouts help roundworms live longer and with less disease!

Fungi modified to produce spider and scorpion toxins kill malaria-transmitting mosquitoes extra fast!

Filament network-forming organisms like fungi can transfer nutrients and moisture to bacteria in harsher conditions!

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