Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar

Jesse Noar is microbiologist with a PhD from North Carolina State University and Bachelor's from Cornell. Most of his research has focused on the amazing abilities and potential uses of bacteria, especially those found in soil. Jesse hosts the BacterioFiles podcast highlighting the most interesting recent microbiology research on all kinds of different microbes, part of the ASM family of podcasts. Learn more at or at

Very radiation-resistant bacteria can protect other, less-resistant microbes from some of the effects of chronic radiation!

Some bacteria can defend themselves from bacterial predators by producing cyanide!

A virus designed to target cancer could also help eliminate hidden HIV infections!

Some bacteria living around plants can become pathogenic just by gaining a few genes!

Fecal microbiota transplants work just as well when taken in pill form as when delivered through a tube!

Gut microbe transplants from wild mice protect lab mice from disease!

A simplified bacterial community in mouse guts doesn't have much community structure, relative to other body areas!

Phage therapy can work very well when combined with an effective immune response from the host!

Paraprobiotics, or killed probiotic bacteria, are studied for health effects, but results and study design are questionable!

Figuring out the best way to study the spread of a fungus that kills an invasive tree-eating caterpillar pest!

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