Lisa Kozlowski

Lisa Kozlowski

Lisa Kozlowski is an immunologist by trade with a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania and postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  She then found her true passion of helping others, especially science trainees, to find the best fit for their future careers.  This passion blossomed at Science's Next Wave, now part of Science Careers, and has continued over the past 13 years at Thomas Jefferson University. During this time, she has directed the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs while also playing a role in graduate student affairs and recruitment.  She has also continued her passion for providing career guidance and mentoring to students and postdocs, on a one-on-one basis, through career development workshops and courses, and through her guidance of several student and postdoctoral organizations.

Dr. Operario was always interested in applying his science skills to solving global public health questions, no matter how big or small. He developed qPCR tests for enteric pathogens and tuberculosis and deployed them at international centers across the globe by training researchers to use his test. Learn about his career path and what his recommendations are for people interested in a public health career.

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 14:31

Working in Public Health at the State Level

Who are public health professionals and what do they do? What can you do to get into a public health career? We interviewed Dr. Denise Toney, a Director of the Division of Consolidated Laboratories at the state laboratories for Virginia to learn more about the public health profession. She recommends that you solidify your interests in public health by participating in fellowships/internships, and to network at conferences. To learn about what opportunities exist, read the blog post.

Informational interviewing is a teachnique where you gather information about a career field, an organization, one’s career path, that position’s daily responsibilities, skills that are needed for a particular position, and many more topics so that you can decide on what career path is right for you.