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Monday, 31 July 2017 09:11

Tn seq in Rhodobacter sphaeroides - mSystems®

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Knowledge about the role of genes under a particular growth condition is required for a holistic understanding of a bacterial cell and has implications for health, agriculture, and biotechnology. We developed the Tn-seq analysis software (TSAS) package to provide a flexible and statistically rigorous workflow for the high-throughput analysis of insertion mutant libraries, advanced the knowledge of gene essentiality in R. sphaeroides, and illustrated how Tn-seq data can be used to more accurately identify genes that play important roles in metabolism and other processes that are essential for cellular survival.

Brian T. Burger, Saheed Imam, Matthew J. Scarborough, Daniel R. Noguera, Timothy J. Donohue

Stephen R. Lindemann, Editor

Published in mSystems® on 6 June 2017
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