September/October 2007

September/October 2007
Dear ASM Member - In a few weeks you will be notified about renewing your membership for the 2008 member year. I hope you have found this past year rewarding and are planning to continue your relationship with ASM. 2008 renewal notices will begin to mail on September 21, 2007. As always, there are multiple ways to renew:

Online - go to and save $2 off the price of your renewal AND if you renew ONLINE before December 31, 2007 you will be eligible for a $10 discount from ASM Press on select titles that will appear after your payment is sent and processed. This will be a one time opportunity available through the end of the year.

By Mail or Fax - if you prefer, you can return the form you will receive in the coming weeks with the provided postage paid envelope, or fax it back to (202) 942-9347 or you may go to the ASM Estore and download your form and fax or mail it back.

By Phone - for immediate renewal, you can contact our Customer Services Department at (202) 942-9319 and they will be able to assist you. Unfortunately we cannot process any renewals prior to September 21, but we look forward to serving you then!
Thank you Gifts!
By now you have hopefully received a gift thanking you for your membership. Please consider it a token of gratitude from the ASM Council to you for your contribution to the Society. Newer members like yourself are particularly important in keeping ASM vital and relevant, and you are encouraged to become involved in ASM through any number of programs and volunteer opportunities.

If you received this email and have not yet received your gift, please contact Asmeret Habteab at

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Governance Table of Organization - Annually updated list of committees and volunteers

Mentoring Opportunities – click on Minority Mentor, International Mentor or to participate in the Science Education Network

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Member-Get-A-Member Program
Only you can best communicate to your colleagues what ASM does for you, your science and your career. Why not refer them to ASM and earn a $10 coupon for every two Full members you recruit to ASM membership? These coupons may be used toward any ASM product. Each month your name will be entered in a drawing based on the number of members you have recruited (3 members = 3 entries). Win the monthly drawing and get a $50 coupon. Win the Grand Prize Drawing in June and win a coupon for $150. Details about how to refer your friends, and collect your prizes, will be posted online on October 1, 2007. Visit the ASM web site, via Membership, and click on "Member-Get-a-Member" program!
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