The Zika Threat

ASM Acts to Counter Zika Virus Outbreak.

The Zika Diaries

Follow Dr. Vincent Racaniello’s lab as they work on Zika
at his Columbia University lab.

Read a Book Chapter about Zika Virus

Werner Slenczka presents an overview of Zika Virus in the book Emerging Infections 10, just published by ASM Press.
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BD Award for Research in Clinical Microbiology Past Laureates

2014 Angela M. Caliendo
2013 Christine Ginocchio
2012 Patrice Courvalin
2011 Karen C. Carroll
2010 J. Stephen Dumler
2009 Mohamed Karmali
2008 Stephen C. Edberg
2007 Gary W. Procop
2006 Franklin R. Cockerill, III
2005 Lance R. Peterson
2004 Melvin Weinstein
2003 Clyde Thornsberry
2002 Thomas F. Smith
2001 Donald E. Low
2000 Fred C. Tenover
1999 Sydney M. Finegold
1998 Richard R. Facklam
1997 Michael A. Pfaller
1996 Alexander von Graevenitz
1995 Gary V. Doern
1994 Raymond C. Bartlett
1993 Patrick R. Murray
1992 James H. Jorgensen
1991 L. Barth Reller
1990 Gerald L. Gilardi
1989 John A. Washington
1988 John Matsen
1987 Herman Friedman
1986 Stanley Falkow
1985 Lillian V. Holderman
1984 Alexander C. Sonnenwirth
1983 G. D. Hsuing
1982 William B. Cherry
1981 Albert Balows
1980 Amedeo Bondi
1979 Henry D. Isenberg
1978 John C. Sherris