Young Investigator Award

Honors outstanding laboratory research in clinical microbiology or antimicrobial agents and is intended to further the career development of a young clinical scientist and promote awareness of clinical microbiology as a career.

The nominee should be conducting outstanding research in clinical microbiology, automation in clinical laboratories, development of novel antimicrobial agents, mechanisms of action of antimicrobial agents or mechanisms of resistance to antimicrobial agents. The nominee must be no more than five years beyond completion of postdoctoral research training in microbiology, infectious diseases or related disciplines at the time of the nomination deadline. 

May 14th, 2016.  

Nominations will be considered for three years as long as the nominee continues to meet the eligibility criteria and an updated curriculum vitae is submitted annually. Self-nominations and more than one nomination per nominee will not be accepted. Only one nominating form and two supporting forms are accepted per nomination. The two supporters must be persons other than the nominator who are familiar with the nominee's qualifications and accomplishments. Only one of the three individuals involved in the nomination may be employed at the nominee's institution. The nominator and supporters must not share employers. Nominations must consist of the following:

ASM awards are granted at the discretion of award selection committees and may not be awarded every year.