Eli Lilly and Company-Elanco Research Award

ASM's oldest and most prestigious prize, it rewards fundamental research of unusual merit in microbiology or immunology by an individual on the threshold of his or her career.

The nominee's work is not judged by comparison with the research of more experienced scientists, and special consideration is given to originality and independence of thought. The nominee must not have reached his or her 45th birthday by April 30 of the year the award is given. The nominee may live and work anywhere in the world and must be actively engaged in the line of research for which the award is to be made.

Extended to July 7, 2017.


Nominations will be considered without updating for three years. Self-nominations and more than one nomination per nominee will not be accepted. Only one nominating form and two references are accepted per nomination. The nominator and references may not share employers and may not be in the same academic department as the nominee. Please note: the references are not required to submit statements; they will only be contacted if the committee requires more information regarding the nomination. Nominations must consist of the following:

ASM awards are granted at the discretion of award selection committees and may not be awarded every year. 


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