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 Congratulations to the 2017 Award Laureates!


These laureates were honored at ASM Microbe 2017, June 1-5 in New Orleans, LA.


Changes to the Awards program for 2018:

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2 references (instead of 2 supporters)

References do not have to submit any forms and will only be contacted if the committee requires more information to evaluate the nomination. Please note, references must be from different institutions as the nominee.


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Alice C. Evans Award
Honors a member of ASM for major contributions toward the full participation and advancement of women in microbiology.

Antimicrobial Research Award

ASM's premier award in antimicrobial research. 

ASM Award in Clinical and Diagnostic Immunology
Honors a distinguished scientist in the field of clinical or diagnostic immunology.

ASM Graduate Microbiology Teaching Award
Honors an individual for exemplary teaching of microbiology and mentoring of students at the graduate and postgraduate levels (e.g., graduate school, medical school, or other health professional schools) and for encouraging students to subsequent achievement. 

ASM Lifetime Achievement Award
ASM's premier award for sustained contributions to the microbiological sciences.

Award for Research in Clinical Microbiology
Honors a distinguished clinical microbiologist for outstanding research accomplishments leading to or forming the foundation for important applications in clinical microbiology. 

Carski Foundation Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award
Recognizes a mature individual for distinguished teaching of microbiology to undergraduate (prebaccalaureate) students and for encouraging them to subsequent achievement. 

DuPont Industrial Bioscience Award in Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Recognizes distinguished achievement in research and development in applied (non-clinical) and environmental microbiology.

D.C. White Research and Mentoring Award
Recognizes distinguished accomplishments in interdisciplinary research and mentoring in microbiology.

Eli Lilly and Company-Elanco Research Award
ASM's oldest and most prestigious prize, it rewards fundamental research of unusual merit in microbiology or immunology by an individual who has not reached his/her 45th birthday. 

Diagnostic Young Investigator Award
Recognizes research excellence and potential to further the educational or research objectives of an outstanding young clinical scientist.

Hardy Diagnostics ABMM/ABMLI Professional Recognition Award
Recognizes an ABMM or ABMLI Diplomate for outstanding contributions to the professional recognition of clinical microbiologists and/or immunologists.

Irving S. Sigal Memorial Awards 
Recognize and award excellence in basic research in medical microbiology and infectious diseases.

Joseph Public Health Award
Honors a distinguished microbiologist who has exhibited exemplary leadership and service in the field of public health.

Maurice Hilleman Award 
ASM’s premier award for major contributions to pathogenesis, vaccine discovery, vaccine development, and/or control of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Promega Biotechnology Research Award
Honors outstanding contributions to the application of biotechnology through fundamental microbiological research and development. 

Raymond W. Sarber Awards
Recognize students at the undergraduate and predoctoral levels for research excellence and potential.

Scherago-Rubin Award
Recognizes an outstanding, bench-level clinical microbiologist. 

Sonnenwirth Award for Leadership in Clinical Microbiology
Recognizes a distinguished microbiologist for the promotion of innovation in clinical laboratory science, dedication to ASM, and the advancement of clinical microbiology as a profession.

USFCC/J. Roger Porter Award
Recognizes outstanding efforts by a scientist who has demonstrated the importance of microbial biodiversity through sustained curatorial or stewardship activities for a major resource used by the scientific community. 

William A. Hinton Research Training Award
Honors outstanding contributions toward fostering the research training of underrepresented minorities in microbiology.

Young Investigator Awards
Recognize and reward early career scientists for research excellence and potential in microbiology and infectious diseases.