2014 Scherago-Rubin Award Laureate


SCHERAGO Cunningham

The winner of the 2014 Scherago-Rubin Award is Scott Cunningham, MS, MT (ASCP) SM, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. This award, established by the late Sally Jo Rubin in memory of her grandfather Professor Morris Scherago, honors an exceptional, bench-level microbiologist. According to Melissa Miller, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Cunningham is the "epitome of a bench-level technologist who has distinguished himself with excellent performance in the clinical laboratory."

Cunningham graduated from Youngstown State University in 1997 and completed the Clinical Laboratory Science program at Wright State University. He recently obtained his master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.  Since 2001, Cunningham has worked as a development technologist for the Clinical Bacteriology Laboratory in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the Mayo Clinic. In this role, Cunningham supports the laboratory through new test development, test verification, and as a technical expert.  He also holds the rank of Instructor in Laboratory Medicine at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine.

He has had the privilege of training and interacting with many students and fellows. He has participated in the development and verification of 13 real-time PCR diagnostic assays and implementation of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry in his laboratory. Based on this work, he has published and presented 40 abstracts, posters, and manuscripts. He has also given presentations on molecular testing and mass spectrometry applications in the clinical laboratory at several national, regional, and local meetings.