Microscope 1 LPBench-level clinical microbiologists serve an important role in a clinical microbiology lab. They are often the first people to identify disease-causing pathogens, which helps medical staff with the treatment of patients. In a clinical microbiology lab, personnel management and technical management are typically the next steps to advance in your career.

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Lab Professionals Career LP2In celebration of Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, Dr. Robin Patel, Chair of the Division of Clinical Microbiology at the Mayo Clinic, shares her insights on how to become a laboratory technologist and a story of how one observant laboratory technologist led to a new standard of care for lung transplants on This Week in Microbiology (TWIM) #150.  

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How can I make myself more marketable for a career in Clinical Microbiology?

There are many excellent reasons to consider a career in the clinical field:  great salaries and job security, job portability, chance to use state of the art equipment – not to mention that your work improves patient health and saves lives.  To provide you with the essentials for working in clinical microbiology, Microbe Mentor asked Janet Hindler, MCLS MT (ASCP) to give her thoughts on this thriving and in-demand field. 

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Friday, 06 May 2016 17:05

The Future of Clinical Microbiology

Ellen Jo Baren, Executive Director of Technical Affairs at Cepheid, shares her thoughts on the changes in clinical microbiology and where it is headed. Download the Cultures article.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics published the Occupational Outlook Handbook in 2015 that contains information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for various occupations. Check out the information they collected for Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians.

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Because ~ 70% of patient care decisions are based on clinical laboratory results, it is important to have a well-trained supply of laboratory professionals. This downloadable article will give an overview of the situation and the possible causes of this shortage, and pose challenges to the clinical microbiology profession as to how this crisis can be averted.

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With ASM having a large number of clinical microbiologists and programs to support the profession, you can look to ASM for your career needs. Joseph Campos, PhD, Past-Secretary of ASM says, “The goal of this brochure is to…respond to the question – what is ASM doing for me as a clinical microbiologist?” The downloadable brochure presents ASM’s involvement in advocacy, certifications, expertise, etc. of the clinical microbiology profession.

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