Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Designated as ASM Milestones in Microbiology Site



CSHL Milestones Plaque Dedication Aug 24, 2012  (Pictured L-R - Stanley Maloy, James Watson, Waclaw Szybalski, Bruce Stillman)


The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) is pleased to announce that it has designated Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) as a Milestones in Microbiology site. 

Soon to celebrate its 125th anniversary, the Laboratory has long been on the cutting edge of biological research. Of special note for microbiologists are the contributions of the Phage Course in the mid-20th Century to the development of molecular biology, and the Symposia on Quantitative Biology which often focused on the newest developments in virology, mycology and bacteriology. Names associated with the Laboratory include Salvador Luria, Max Delbrück, James Watson, Al Hershey, Martha Chase and Barbara McClintock. 

A commemorative plaque was placed at the site on August 24, 2012, during the Bacterial, Archaea & Phages course.  Stanley Maloy, Chair, Microbe Editorial Board, and a past President of ASM, presented the plaque on behalf of the leadership of ASM to CSHL President Bruce Stillman. Also on hand were Nobel Laureate James Watson, who spoke during the presentation ceremony, and Waclaw Szybalski, who had participated in the “This Week in Microbiology” podcast filmed earlier in the day at CSHL.  


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