I. Origins and General (American Academy of Microbiology Records)


 (see also papers of H.O. Halvorson, and Robert Williams; Ira L. Baldwin and Dennis Watson presidential files; also National Research Council in VERTICAL FILE: OTHER ORGANIZATIONS)


A.     SAB Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel

    1. Correspondence of William B. Sarles, Secretary of SAB, with Thomas Rivers and others on certification, 1942
    2. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr, Secretary of SAB, 1946-49
    3. Correspondence of John E. Blair, Secretary of SAB, 1949
    4. Correspondence of John E. Blair, 1950
    5. Correspondence of Henry W. Scherp, Secretary of SAB, 1950-52
    6. Correspondence of William M. Hammon, President of SAB, 1949
    7. File of bylaws, statement of intent, application forms for proposed American Board of Medical Microbiology, 1950
    8. Constitution of proposed American Institute of Microbiology, ca. 1950, and letter from Jerome T. Syverton to L. S. McClung, 1958
    9. Clippings from SAB Newsletter 1944-ca. 1955 -- includes reports to Council  


B.     SAB (Reorganized) Committee on Certification and Problems of Personnel ("Spaulding Committee")

    1. Report to Council, 1953
    2. Correspondence of Lester O. Krampitz, member of the committee, 1952-4
    3. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer of SAB, 1955  


C.     General

    1. Bylaws, 1970, 1977, revisions, 1993, 1997
    2. Proposed Articles of Incorporation, 1956; Announcement of formation of AAM and Certificate of Incorporation, 1956; revisions, 1958, 1965; Organization Table, 1960; memoranda of Committee on Revising the Certificate of Incorporation, 1963-64; certificate of dissolution, 1970
    3. Announcements concerning fellowship, nomination forms, brochures, guidelines and procedures, certificate of fellowship, ca. 1955-87
    4. Newsletter, 1957-68, 1991-
    5. History: chronology to 1985; materials from 30th anniversary exhibit, 1986; list of chairmen and members of the Board of Governors from 1956 to 1986; correspondence of the Archivist. See also history article by H.O. Halvorson, ASM News 33:4, p.14
    6. Miscellaneous reports
    7. Colloquium reports: "Procedures Manual for Organizing a Critical Issues Workshop," 1988; "Critical Issues Workshop on Quality Microbiology and the Public Health," 1988; "Diagnostic Instrumentation, Automation and Kit Technology," 1991; "Scientific Foundations of Bioremediation: Current Status and Future Needs," 1992; "Strategies and Mechanisms for Field Research in Environmental Bioremediation," 1993; "Dynamic Issues in Scientific Integrity: Collaborative Research," 1994; "The Microbial World: Foundation of the Biosphere," 1996; "A Global Decline in Microbiological Safety of Water: A Call for Action," 1996; "Basic Research for the Future: Opportunities in Microbiology," 1996
    8. Strategic Plan, 1995
    9. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1956-86


D.     Relations to ASM

    1. Report to Council of ASM representative, 1964-86
    2. Joint Committee of ASM and AAM: reports to Council, 1966-69
    3. Joint Committee of ASM and AAM: correspondence of Robert E. Hungate, member, 1963-64