II. Board Records (Education and Training Board Records)


A. Founding and   General


1) Ad Hoc Joint   Training and Education Committee, Ira L. Baldwin, Chairman: list of members,   report to Council, 1969; final report, 1970 -- this joint committee of ASM   and AAM recommended the formation of the Board of Education and Training

2) Ad Hoc Joint   Training and Education Committee: correspondence, memoranda, and reports   retained by L.S. McClung, member of the committee, 1969-71

3) Correspondence   of Robert E. Hungate, President, with L. Joe Berry on establishment of BET,   1971

B. Board Records


1) Minutes,   1971-88; Minutes, agendas, 1990-

2) Reports to   Council, 1972-88, 1992-93, 1995

3) Budget   materials, 1983-88

4) Committee   listings, 1974-86, 1997

5)   "Educational Directory" and "Addendum," 1973

6) Miscellaneous   brochures and announcements, 1976-85, 1997

7) Clippings from ASM   News, 1972-85

8) Newsletter,   "Focus on Microbiology Education," 1995-

9) Strategic   Planning materials, 1987-96

10) Grant   Proposals: "Microbial Outreach Program," 1996 (to Foundation for   Microbiology); "Teaching Matters: Improving Microbiology Education in   the U.S.," 1996 (to NSF)

C. Director,   Education and Professional Recognition


1) Reports to   Council, 1975-88

2) Index to   Articles About Education in ASM News, 1990-

3) Miscellaneous   Brochures

4) Postdoctoral   Research Associates Program, 1995, 1997

5) ASM Fellowship   Programs: Annual report, 1994, 1995; Strategic Planning materials, 1996

6)   "Strategies for Teaching the Life Sciences to Undergraduates,"   conference sponsored by Coalition for Educations in the Life Sciences (CELS),   1993, 1995. Tapes of 1991 summit are in cassette box: Miscellaneous

7)   "Orientation Handbook for Volunteers in Science Education," 6th   edition, 1995





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