I. Major Files (Relations to Other Organizations Records)


A.    American Institute of Biological Sciences

      1. Correspondence of Leland W. Parr, John E. Blair, Henry Scherp and John H. Bailey,Secretary-treasurers of SAB, 1946-53
      2. Reports to ASM and American Academy of Microbiology, 1964-80
      3. AIBS educational materials, 1959, n.d.
      4. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1937-


B.    American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) (1925)

See also: Lore A. Rogers Presidential File; Archives of ATCC in UMBC Special Collections

      1. Correspondence of the Secretary (I.L. Baldwin, W.B. Sarles, W.C. Frazier, L.W. Parr), 1935-50
      2. Correspondence of the Secretary (John Hays Bailey), 1953-56)
      3. Correspondence of the Secretary (E.M. Foster), 1958-61
      4. Correspondence of the Secretary (Philipp Gerhardt), 1961-67
      5. Correspondence of the Secretary (J.M. Joseph, B. Lago) 1983-85
      6. Correspondence of Barnett Cohen, Archivist, 1946-51
      7. Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda, various provenances including R. E, Buchanan, H.J. Conn, W. H. Hammon, R.E. Hungate, 1934-59, 1971
      8. Reports to CPC and Council of the Representative to ATCC, 1948, 1959-86
      9. Advisory Committee to ATCC, file of L.S. McClung, 1966-70 -- includes correspondence and minutes
      10. Advisory Committee to ATCC, file of L.S. McClung, 1962-73 -- includes correspondence and minutes
      11. Published Annual Reports, 1962-79. See also bound reports for 1962-77 in book collection: QR64.5 A43
      12. Catalogues and descriptive booklets, 1971-85
      13. "The Packaging and Shipping of Living Cultures," 1966, 1970
      14. Dedication of new building, 1964: invitation and brochure, history, tape of speeches by Robert E. Buchanan and C.B. van Niel
      15. "Symposium on Stability in Dynamic Microbial Systems;" includes history of ATCC by R.E. Buchanan, 1966
      16. Fiftieth anniversary, program and brochure, 1975
      17. Workshop schedules, 1986-92
      18. Announcements, ca. 1928-1973
      19. Quarterly Newsletter, 1981-86
      20. "Registry of Animal Cell Lines Certified by the Cell Culture Collection Committee," 1964; Supplements, 1965, 1967, 1968; "Viral and Rickettsial Registry," 1950
      21. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1935-1980


C.    Bergey's Manual Trust (1938)

See also William C. Haynes Papers.

      1. Reports of ASM Representative to Council, 1960-86
      2. Letters received by P. Arne Hansen from Robert S. Breed, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, 1951-54
      3. Correspondence of J. Roger Porter, 1956-59
      4. Miscellaneous correspondence of L. S. McClung, contributor, 1953-67
      5. Mimeographed reports of dinners and symposia at SAB Annual Meetings and outlines of classifications sent to contributors and friends of Bergey's Manual, 1949-57
      6. History: memo of David Bergey to SAB Council regarding relations of SAB to Manual, 1935; letter of Robert S. Breed to Henry W. Scherp on the historical relations of SAB to Bergey's Manual, 1952; copy of letter of Robert E. Buchanan to R.G.E. Murray, 1970
      7. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1940-76


D.    Biological Abstracts (and Committee on Biological Abstracts)

      1. Correspondence of J. M. Sherman and Ira L. Baldwin, Secretary-treasurers of SAB, 1934-38
      2. Correspondence of Ira L. Baldwin, 1939-40
      3. Correspondence of Ira L. Baldwin, Secretary-treasurer, and E. G. Hastings, acting Secretary-treasurer, 1941
      4. Correspondence of William B. Sarles, Secretary-treasurer of SAB, 1942-43
      5. Correspondence of W.C. Frazier, Stuart Mudd, and Leland W. Parr, Secretary-treasurers of SAB, 1943-48
      6. Correspondence of John E. Blair, Secretary-treasurer of SAB, 1949-50
      7. Correspondence of E. M . Foster, Secretary of ASM, 1960
      8. Correspondence of E. B. Fred, 1937-38
      9. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, 1935-49, 1965, 1969


E.     Biological Stain Commission

      1. Manuscript and mimeographed histories by H.J. Conn, 1949-ca. 1959
      2. Copy of proposal for ASM representative discussed by ASM Council, 1981; bylaws, 1944; clippings and reprints


F.    International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS)

  1. Published histories by N.E. Gibbons and H. Seeliger, 1974, 1982, 1986
  2. ASM Archives holdings, 1973
  3. "History IUMS," file of Robert Watkins (deals with change to Union status), 1980-81
  4. Statutes and organizational manuals, 1958-80
  5. Reports to Council of ASM Representatives, 1967-86
  6. Newsletters, 1963-70
  7. Clippings including reports published in ASM News, 1951-76; publication brochure
  8. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-treasurer of SAB, 1950-56
  9. Correspondence of Robert Hungate, president of ASM, 1968-72 -- includes material on X International Congress
  10. Correspondence of Morris F. Shaffer, president of ASM, 1970-72
  11. Correspondence of Donald E. Shay, Secretary of ASM, 1970
  12. Miscellaneous memoranda, mostly received by D. E. Shay, 1966-70

  13. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS FOR MICROBIOLOGY for Abstracts and Reports of Proceedings, see Book Collection

                I.    PARIS 1930
  14. Program; typed anecdotes of Alice C. Evans, official delegate of SAB, n.d.; copies of correspondence of Robert E. Buchanan, official delegate of SAB, 1930-31
  15. Correspondence of Sarah E. Branham, 1930-31

  16.            II.   LONDON 1936
  17. Preliminary program; banquet program: banquet guest list; general announcement; reception invitation and ticket; unidentified photograph; anecdotes by Alice C. Evans, n.d.; clippings
  18. Correspondence of Donald E. Shay, Archivist, with those who attended the Congress, 1985

  19.           III.  NEW YORK 1939
  20. Final program; Congress handbook
  21. Preliminary program; Prospectus of functions; announcement; opening ceremonies program; opening ceremonies invitation; banquet program; banquet seating list; Industrial microbiology excursions; proceedings of the nomenclature committee; forms, announcements,and tickets
  22. Correspondence of Barnett Cohen, 1938-39; letter of Selman Waksman to E.B. Fred, 1938
  23. Clippings

  24.            IV.  COPENHAGEN 1947
  25. Preliminary programme, Final programme, List of members, clippings

  26.             V.   RIO DE JANEIRO 1950
  27. Printed matter: 1st Bulletin, announcements and memorabilia, clippings; letter of 0lympia de Fonseca to Margaret Pittman, official delegate of SAB

  28.            VI.  ROME 1953
  29. Preliminary program, map of Rome, souvenir volume, clippings
  30. Correspondence of Gail Dack, SAB President, w/ National Science Foundation re travel grants, 1953

  31.           VII.  STOCKHOLM 1958
  32. 2nd Circular; List of members; Statutes of IAMS; forms; preliminary list of members: miscellaneous memorabilia; clippings

  33.          VIII. MONTREAL 1962
  34. Program, list of members, Supplements 1 & 2
  35. Banquet program; First circular; Opening meeting; Ladies' program; Congress Bulletin; Forms, announcements, and miscellaneous memorabilia; agenda for plenary session of IAMS; clippings

  36.           IX.   MOSCOW 1966
  37. Program; list of participants; proceedings of IAMS business meeting
  38. Miscellaneous printed matter: Information letters 1-3, social program; program of symposium on botulism; report of Committee on Virus Nomenclature; announcements, forms anc memorabilia; clippings; ASM application to NIH for travel awards; mimeograph letter of William B. Sarles, President of ASM, to Norman E. Gibbons, Secretary-General of IAMS, on Russian political accusation of US at Congress, 1966

  39.            X.    MEXICO CITY 1970
  40. Circulars 1-3; Proceedings of IAMS business meeting; program of inaugural ceremony; banquet program; misc.

  41.          XI.    FIRST INTERSECTIONAL CONGRESS, TOKYO, 1974 [equivalent to XI International Congress]
  42. Printed matter including program and list of participants, 1st and 2nd circulars, program of opening ceremony, proceedings of IAMS General Assembly, Congress newspaper, clippings and miscellanea.

  43.          XII.   MUNICH 1978
  44. Program, 1st, 2nd circular, forms, clippings

  45.         XIII.  BOSTON, 1982
  46. Printed matter: Circulars 2,3; exhibits guide, Congress newspaper, clippings, misc.; Press Kit
  47. Text of three speeches by Heinz Seeliger, President of IUMS
  48. Copies of correspondence from file of Executive Director, 1979-81

  49.          XIV.  MANCHESTER, 1986
  50. Circulars 1-3, Congress newspaper, press clipping, misc.
  51. File of Donald E. Shay, Archivist -- includes material on IUMS archives exhibit

  53. Correspondence of ASM Headquarters (A.F. Langlykke, Helen Bishop), 1972-73
  54. Minutes and memoranda of the Bacteriology Section Council, 1973
  55. Printed matter including program, 2nd and 3rd Bulletin, clippings, misc.

  57. Announcement; proposal to NIH for travel awards

  59. Miscellanea including report to CPC, 1975; clippings; announcement, 1971; and commemorative stamp, 1984


    INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF SYSTEMATIC BACTERIOLOGY(formerly International Committee on Bacteriological Nomenclature) See also correspondence of E.G.D. Murray, 1927-29, under Miscellaneous Manuscript Collections; Presidential files of R.E. Buchanan and J. Howard Brown
  61. Correspondence of and memoranda received by J. Howard Brown, 1930, 1937, 1939
  62. Correspondence of and memoranda received by J. Howard Brown, 1942-47; 1949 memorandum
  63. Proposed International Rules of Bacteriological Nomenclature, July 1939.
  64. Program and Information; Abstracts /Trade Exhibition; printed matter: Nomenclature, 1949
  65. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary of SAB, 1953-56
  66. Mimeographed memoranda of Robert E. Buchanan and drafts of International Code, 1957
  67. Proposed revisions of International Code, 1966 (rpt, International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 16:3, 341-69)
  68. Clippings, 1937-72; published history of Bacteriological Code, 1986


G.    National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council

      1. Reports of representatives to ASM Council and CPC, 1960-83; list of ASM/NAS members, 1985
      2. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-treasurer of SAB, 1952-56
      3. Clippings from SAB Newsletter/ASM News, including reports to Council and CPC, 1937-74


H.    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) International Cell Research Organization (ICRO)

      1. Global Impacts of Applied Microbiology (GIAM) conference, III, 1969: correspondence of Donald E. Shay, Secretary of ASM, 1969-71
      2. GIAM III: file of A.S. Langlykke, Executive Director of ASM, 1969-71
      3. GIAM IV: file of A.S. Langlykke, 1973
      4. GIAM: miscellaneous clippings, 1967-68
      5. UNESCO/ICRO: miscellaneous, 1967-75