VI. Treasurers and Finances (History and Governance Records)


See also Council minutes.


A.    Financial records of the Secretary-treasurers and Treasurer

      1. Summary of finances of journals, 1916-43, and of other Society income, 1924-43, prepared by William C. Frazier, Secretary-Treasurer, 1944; financial report, 1945
      2. Annual reports to Council, 1966-87
      3. Annual reports to Council, l963-78, and budgets, 1949-71, as published in SAB News Letter/ ASM News
      4. Operating budgets presented by the Treasurer to Council, 1958-88, 1994
      5. Correspondence of John E. Blair, Secretary-Treasurer, 1948-50
      6. File of John E. Blair: "Financial Statements", 1932-50--includes original of report to Council for 1948 and financial statements, 1935, 1937-38
      7. Correspondence and financial statements of Henry W. Scherp, Secretary-Treasurer, 1950-52
      8. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer, 1953-57
      9. Correspondence of E. M. Foster, Secretary, with John Hays Bai1ey, Treasurer, 1957-61
      10. Correspondence of E. M. Foster concerning the audit Committee, 1960
      11. Correspondence of the Secretary (E. M. Foster, Philipp Gerhardt) concerning the Treasurer and Finance Committee, 1956-62 -- includes correspondence with Richard Donovick, Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee
      12. Correspondence of Philipp Gerhardt, Secretary, with Richard Donovick, Treasurer, 1961-62
      13. Miscellaneous notes, memoranda, correspondence of Brinton M. Miller, Treasurer, 1983 14) Report on ASM investment fund from Brundage, Story and Race, 1962


B.    Director of Finances (Controller)

      1. Reports to CPC and Council, 1975-87; "Duties of the Controller," 1976, 1978
      2. Documents relating to ASM tax status
      3. Financial overview, 1996
      4. Investment files: Policy statements for Colloquium, Awards, Fellowship, Strategic Reserve and Travel Grant Funds, 1996-97
      5. Grants: final reports, 1989-96


C.    Finance Committee. For Committee Manual, 1994, see Schlessinger papers, 13 II CS, Folder 54

      1. Reports to CPC and Council of the Annual Meeting Finance Committee, 1960-61, and the Finance Committee, 1966-73
      2. Annual reports, 1947-73, and miscellaneous clippings on finances, 1938-64, from SAB News Letter/ASM News. SUBCOMMITTEE: ASM FOUNDATION (1997)
      3. ANTECEDENT: ASM FOUNDATION, INC (1970-1977)
        • Folder 3.1: Articles of incorporation, 1970; proposed bylaws, 1970; application for exemption and related correspondence, 1972; handbook 1975; certificate of dissolution, 1977; related correspondence of Robert F. Acker, Executive Director, 1976
        • Folder 3.2: File of Dennis Watson, includes articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes of Board of Directors, and correspondence 1972-73
        • Folder 3.3: Reports to Council, 1970-76
        • Folder 3.4: Correspondence of Morris F. Shaffer, President, 1972
        • Folder 3.5: Correspondence of David Perlman, Secretary of ASM Foundation, Inc., 1973-75 -- includes minutes, financial reports, and material on Waksman Fellowships
        • Folder 3.6: Correspondence of L.S. McClung, 1973
        • Folder 3.7: Clippings from ASM News, 1972-77
      4. Reports to Council, 1977-1986; minutes, 1970, 1985-90
      5. Fund-raising report, 1989


D.    Business Office

SAB set up a Business Office for collecting dues and performing other Society services through Williams and Wilkins in 1950. With the appointment of Ray Sarber as Executive Secretary in 1959 the agreement with W&W was terminated.

      1. Correspondence of the Business Office of SAB at Williams & Wi1kins Co. (Francis C. Harwood, Business Manager) with Secretary-treasurer of SAB (Henry W. Scherp, John Hays Bailey), 1950-55
      2. Correspondence of SAB Business Office with John Hays Bailey, Treasurer of SAB, and E.M. Foster, Secretary of SAB, 1956-57
      3. Miscellaneous correspondence of the SAB Business Office, 1951-58
      4. Correspondence of Henry W. Scherp, Secretary-Treasurer, with the Business Office, 1950-52
      5. Correspondence of John Hays Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer, 1952-56
      6. Correspondence of E. M. Foster, Secretary, 1959


E.    Audit Reports

      1. Outside audit reports, 1934-44, 1947, 1960-86, 1991-93, 1996
      2. Report of the Auditing Committee, 1947-48