I. Antecedent Committees (Education and Training Board Records)


A. Teaching   (1941-50) and earlier committees (see also minutes of 1922 meeting   [1-IVA, folder 5] for report of Committee on Bacteriological Education, which   includes survey results)


1) Report, 1950 --   includes history of committee since its founding in 1941

2) Bound reprint   of Samuel C. Prescott, 1912: "The Teaching of Microbiology in Colleges   of United States and Canada." Science 35:362-366 (Progress report   of Committee on Education formed in 1910); copy of "Bacteriology as a   Non-Technical Course for Public Schools," by H.W.Hill Science   30:625-8

3) Correspondence   of Elizabeth F. Genung and program of Round Table on Problems of Teaching   Bacteriology organized by Genung, 1927; text of papers presented by Genung,   Robert E. Buchanan, and William W. Browne

4) Correspondence   of Elizabeth F. Genung, Chairman of Committee on Teaching, on proposed Round   Table for 1944 Annual meeting, 1944; text of paper presented by C. A. Perry

5) Correspondence   of Barnett Cohen with Stanley Hartsell on teaching of bacteriology, 1939-41

6) Survey of   Teaching of Bacteriology and related correspondence of John E. Blair,   Secretary of SAB, 1949-50

7) List of books   related to bacteriology, ca 1946, ca. 1948; list of institutions teaching   bacteriology, 1949

8) Clippings from SAB NewsLetter, 1940-50

B. Curricula


1) Reports, 1951-53

2) File of L.S. McClung including reports on attempt to develop a program of certification of curricula, 1952-53, and related correspondence with Charles A. Evans, Chairman, 1953

3) Compilation of courses offered in bacteriology/microbiology by colleges and universities,   1950-52

4) Correspondence   of L.S. McClung with departments in colleges and universities concerning   degree requirements in bacteriology/microbiology, 1951

C. Education


1) Reports to   Council, 1959-71

1.1) Minutes,   1967, 1971

2) Career   brochures prepared by Education Committee and its precursors and by Board of   Education and Training, 1947-85

3) Correspondence   of L.S. McClung, Chairman, regarding replicas of Leeuwenhoek microscope,   1961-1962

4) Memoranda of L.   S. McClung, Chairman, 1958-59

5) Memoranda of L.   S. McClung, 1959-60

6) Memoranda of L.   S. McClung, 1958-60

7) Memoranda of L.   S. McClung and H. J. Blumenthal, Chairmen, received by E. M. Foster and P.   Gerhardt, Secretaries of SAB/ASM, 1958-62

8) Memoranda of H.   J. Blumenthal and William G. Walter, Chairmen, received by L. S. McClung,   1961-67

9) Correspondence   of L. S. McClung with E. M. Foster, 1958-60

10) Correspondence   of L. S. McClung on special issue of American Biology Teacher (June   1960) sponsored by SAB. Includes copy of journal. Original photographs are in   photo collection: Buildings/Laboratories section.

11) Correspondence   of L. S. McClung on revision of the June, 1960 issue of American Biology   Teacher (Aug. 1968), 1967-68; includes copy of issue


12) File of L. S.   McClung including correspondence, drafts, memoranda, etc. related to career   brochure "Microbiology in Your Future," 1959-61

13) File of L. S.   McClung including proposal to the National Science Foundation and related   correspondence concerning career brochure, 1959-61

14) Correspondence   of L.S. McClung on undergraduate scholarships in microbiology 1962-63

15) Miscellaneous   correspondence of L. S. McClung, l958-66

16) Correspondence   file of E. M. Foster, 1957-59

17) Correspondence   file of E. M. Foster on special issue of American Biology Teacher and   other matters, 1960-61

18) Minutes of   Round Table on Microbiological Training of High School Teachers, 1958.

19) Lists of   colleges and universities granting degrees in bacteriology or microbiology,   1956-1970

20) Miscellaneous   programs and lists prepared by Education Committee, 1958-64 -- includes   bibliography of articles on teaching of bacteriology in elementary and high   schools, 1959

21) Bacteriology   teaching aid lists, 1959

22) Proposal to   NSF for Summer Institute, University of Michigan, 1963 and Program; selection   lists for Summer Institute, University of Colorado, 1961; Science Fair   ribbons, 1960; list of winners of Science Fair, Boulder, CO, 1961

23) Certificates   awarded to students for science projects, n.d.(l950s)

24) Clippings from   SAB News Letter/ASM News, 1952-ca. 1972 -- includes clippings on   education in general

D. Materials for   Visual Instruction in Microbiology


1) Report of Harry   E. Morton, Chairman, 1944, with lists and abstracts of films; report, 1952;   survey form sent to members of SAB on use of motion pictures in   teaching,1942; correspondence of L. S. McClung with Morton, 1955-56; text of   sound track to film #179, "Lecture on the Spirochetes," 1964

2) Reports to   Council, 1965-71

3) Lists of   photographs and micrographs; lists and abstracts of films, 1944-71; list of   films owned by Archives, arranged by location on video master tapes (also on   WP Inventories disc, as "films.lst"), 1993

4) Abstracts of   films, ca. 1961

5) Clippings from SAB News Letter/ ASM News, 1942-71 --includes reports and lists of films and   photographs