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The Eyes Have It: Visual Aids for Infectious Disease Diagnoses

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Learning the hallmarks of proper diagnosis requires using all of our senses: hearing, to listen to a patient’s symptoms; touch, to probe an infection site; and occasionally smell, to qualitatively determine infection characteristics (though all health care workers are discouraged from actively inhaling anything that may include infectious particles!). One of the most important senses, however, is vision, which is needed for both patient visits and lab analyses. 

The Journal of Clinical Microbiology photo quizzes are a great way to test your visual prowess in analyzing lab results. The quizzes provide the patient background and symptoms combined with a staining, growth, or wound image from the case. Using these clues, you can make your best educated guess before reading the separate article containing the answer, test interpretations, and recommendations for therapy.

JCM Photo QuizzesThis Photo Quiz provides the Gram stain (a), the KOH-calcofluor white stain (b), H&E (c), and GMS (d) stained tissue or organisms. For more on this patient, see here.

The most recent JClinMicro photo quiz features A Man with a Cough and a Fever. Isolates from this patient underwent Gram staining, KOH-calcofluor white staining, H&E staining, and GMS staining (see image, right). The patient’s history is described in the photo quiz, and the answer is provided here (no cheating!). 

Journal of Clinical Microbiology: Photo Quiz Collection

Many of these JClinMicro photo quizzes have been collected online here. For upcoming JClinMicro resources, follow @JClinMicro and @ASMicrobiology on Twitter, and follow on Facebook. 

If you enjoy the photo quizzes, be sure to check out more case studies on the ASM website here!

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