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In Case You Missed It: Hot Topics in Clinical Microbiology

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How quickly the summer comes and goes! Whether you were on vacation in the month of August, getting ready for the new school year, or just enjoying the long summer days, you may have missed an important Hot Topic published in August. “Best Practices in Diagnosis of Anaerobic Infections” was presented by Morgan A. Pence, Ph.D., D(ABMM), Director of Clinical and Molecular Microbiology at Cook Children’s Medical Center.

Hot Topic: Best Practices in Diagnosis of Anaerobic Infections

Anaerobic infections pose diagnostic issues due to difficulty in culturing these microbes under normal lab conditions, and those that can be cultured require appropriate specimen samples, media preparation, and transportation methods. Even examining plates can provide enough oxygen exposure that may kill some anaerobes and can oxidize reduced media. Pence gives an overview on best practices for these steps, necessary to identify the source of anaerobic infections in abdominal abscesses, bacteremia, and prosthetic joint infections, and others.

The Journal of Clinical Microbiology has a number of articles that make great resources on diagnosis and antibiotic susceptibility testing of anaerobic infections:


Photo of an anaerobic chamber taken from Pence's presentation

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