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Maintaining the fight against frightening multidrug-resistant organisms

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Multidrug resistant organisms (MDRO) are a scary source of infection. Though there is no comprehensive or definitive definition of what constitutes an MDRO, these microorganisms are typically resistant to the drug of choice typical for that species, and often have few or no treatment options. MDRO are a serious threat to the public, causing over 2 million infections and over 23,000 deaths annually in the United States alone.

2017.10.30 MDROs

October’s Hot Topic in Clinical Microbiology provides a review on all things MDRO-related. Presenter Janet Hindler, MCLS MT (ASCP) F(AAM) provides definitions, updated policies, and epidemiological updates on where/when/who of MDRO emergence and spread. Importantly, Hindler addresses the CLSI guidance on selective reporting for different microorganisms, infection sites, and drug classes. 

Hot Topic October 2017: Update on MDRO The Battle Continues!

ASM publishes studies on MDRO constantly to keep its members aware of changes in diagnostics, susceptibility testing, and epidemiology. Reviews of these topics continue to be popular with clinicians, researchers, and clinical microbiologists staying on top of the latest research, whether that research be on

Specific drug resistances: 

Specific infection locations:

or Steps to avoid transmission: 

Drug-resistant infections are scary, but you shouldn’t be afraid of new MDRO research! Clinicians, clinical microbiologists, and public health officials are working to decrease transmission of these microbes, and increase time-to-diagnosis for characteristics like drug susceptibility. ASM is proud to provide resources to help in the fight against MDROs.

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