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Career/Education Opportunities and Blog-iversary

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Antibiotic stewardship is a community effort to use antibiotic drugs only when appropriate. An important aspect of stewardship is education: for the community, this means learning the difference between viral and bacterial infections; for the clinical microbiologist, this means using your antibiogram for the best empirical drug use until susceptibility is determined; for the health care practitioner, this means learning the best practices for prescribing antibiotics.

The CDC is offering a free training course for healthcare providers on antibiotic prescription practices. The online course instructs how to optimize antibiotic prescribing and how to inform other healthcare professionals about these practices. Completion of the course will provide eight hours of continuing education (CE) credits.

CDC Training on Antibiotic Stewardship

While thinking about career growth, don’t forget to apply to be an American Board of Medical Microbiology (ABMM) Diplomate! The certification is the highest and most widely acknowledged credential for doctoral-level microbiologists. ABMM certification is available to microbiologists holding a doctoral degree with three years’ experience (or two years in a CPEP-approved program). The exam is offered in June at testing centers around the world, but applications to take the exam are due by April 1st. Learn more about becoming a Diplomate (or recertifying your status) here.

It’s the Bugs & Drugs blog-iversary!

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We launched the Bugs & Drugs blog in March 2017 and it’s been a huge success – in large part to your participation! We aim to provide interesting commentaries and a forum to discuss them. Thank you for reading, commenting, and creating a great discussion forum over the past year for all things clinical microbiology.

Do you like the range of topics covered on Bugs & Drugs? Do you wish we’d cover a particular topic? We’d love to hear your thoughts or suggestions for future blog posts! Please leave a note in the comment section or send your ideas to Julie Wolf at

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