Volume 1 - May 2000

VOLUME 1 · MAY 2000 · NUMBER 1

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  • Transforming a Sequence of Microbiology Classes
    Rosa J. Buxeda and Deborah A. Moore
  • Computer Technology and Learning for Understanding
    Elaine Van Melle and Lewis Tomalty
  • Evaluating Computer-based Instruction
    Susan M. Merkel, Laura B. Walman, and Jeremy S. Leventhal
  • Teaching Emerging Diseases
    Marion Field Fass
  • Genetics Laboratory Module Involving Yeast
    Jill B. Keeney and Ruth Reed

Editorial Committee

Amy Cheng Vollmer, Chair, Swarthmore College

D'Maris Allen, Austin Community College–Rio Grande Campus
Spencer Benson, University of Maryland–College Park
Ann Burgess, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Jeffrey Byrd, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Ad Hoc Reviewers 

Les Albin, Austin Community College
David Alexander, University of Portland
Jan Cheetham, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Jane Cramer, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Karen Dalton, The Community College of Baltimore County–Catonsville Campus
Dale Dingley, Austin Community College
Susan Gdovin, University of Maryland–College Park
Leslie Gregg-Jolly, Grinnell College
John P. Heggers, University of Texas Medical Branch
William Higgins, University of Maryland–College Park
Kathleen Jagger, The Toledo Hospital
Diane Auer Jones, Catonsville Community College
Lisa Lambert, Chatham College
Craig Laufer, Hood College
Lynn O. Lewis, Mary Washington College
Anthony Lobo, Urisnus College
Luz Mangurian, Towson University
Suzette Mathis, Austin Community College
Arthur McGarity, Swarthmore College
Thomas M. McGuire, Pennsylvania State– Abbington
Tami Mysliwiec, Pennsylvania State Berks Leigh Valley College
Dennis Opheim, Quinnipiac College
Mary Rutter, Austin Community College
Janine Trempy, Oregon State University
Christine A. White-Ziegler, Smith College
Joanne Willey, Hofstra University

Message from the Chair

We are delighted to present the inaugural issue of Microbiology Education at the 100th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. Its inception and gestation over the past several years has resulted in a set of peer-reviewed papers that represent the diversity of pedagogical strategies, student populations, and educational institutions reflecting the membership of the ASM. These papers were the best and most appropriate among a group of high quality submissions that reflected creativity, innovation, energy, and inspiration in topics, activities, and assessment. Rather than informal, anecdotal accounts of lessons that can be found in venues such as Focus on Microbiology Education, we sought to bring to this issue reports of activities and experiences that were thoughtfully planned and executed as well as carefully and critically analyzed. Many of the members of ASM are engaged in substantial teaching to both majors and nonmajors. Most of these teachers take such assignments very seriously, devoting long hours and creative energy to the activity. It is our hope that this journal provides the opportunity to share successes in the classroom and teaching laboratory. Moreover it is a setting in which the scholarship of teaching can be fully recognized. We are indebted to several individuals for their exemplary stewardship of the idea of such a magazine. Spencer Benson has championed this cause for several years and was one of the people, along with Amy Chang at the ASM, who would not let this idea wither. Denise Steene at ASM has been tireless in the realization of the actual publication. We are grateful to the governing Board of ASM for their support of this endeavor. Members of this editorial committee include Spencer Benson, University of Maryland-College Park, College Park, Md.; D'Maris Allen, Austin Community College-Rio Grande Campus, Austin, Tex.; Jeffrey Byrd, St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's City, Md.; and Ann Burgess, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis. I have been honored to serve as chair of such a fine group of colleagues. Ad hoc reviewers helped in the timely and critical evaluations of the submitted manuscripts; their names and affiliations are listed. Finally, we thank those authors who took the time and energy to send manuscripts to us. We encourage all who engage in the sharing of knowledge in microbiology to continue in their endeavors and to plan to submit manuscripts to the next edition of Microbiology Education. We hope that this will be the first in a series of publications, which will serve the community of teacher-scholars who work selflessly to communicate their enthusiasm and expertise to thousands of students each day. The ASM's support of this publication is a reminder of the organization's commitment to teaching, its articulation of our educational goals, its appreciation of fine instruction, and the recognition of our collective responsibility.

With gratitude and pleasure,

Amy Cheng Vollmer
Chair, Editorial Committee for Microbiology Education