ASM International Workshop Scholarship Program

The ASM International Microbiology Education Committee (IMEC) is pleased to announce the recipients of the ASM International Workshop Scholarship Award for the 2004 ICAAC Meeting. This scholarship is offered to ASM members in developing countries who are pursuing, or who are within five years of having received, their Master's, Ph.D., or equivalent academic degree, and who have preregistered to attend the ICAAC meeting. Two awardees received free registration to the premeeting workshop of their choice.  



Bola Esther Boboye, Ph.D., works in the Department of Microbiology at the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria, where she is currently investigating the use of medicinal plants as antimicrobial agents, and surveying some plants used as spices or condiments for antimicrobial activities. Boboye presented the work of her research team at the 2004 ICAAC in a poster presentation entitled “Antibacterial Activities of Some Plants Used as Condiments and Spices in Nigeria.” She elected to attend the premeeting workshop “Antibiotic Resistance among Bacterial Pathogens: Mechanisms, Detection, and Molecular Epidemiology.”



Ninan Obasi, M.S., is a graduate assistant with the Tropical Disease Research Unit of the Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology at the University of Lagos College of Medicine, in Lagos, Nigeria. His current research concerns the identification and molecular studies of novel human piroplasma (Babesia sp.) and its correlation with the occurrence of malaria in Nigeria. In this study, which has already demonstrated immunoserological evidence of occurrence of babesiosis in Nigeria (in an area with recently reported cases of resistant plasmodiasis), his group intends to identify Babesia immunodominant antibodies that cross-protect against malaria, with a view toward development of a neutral vaccine for malaria. Obasi presented the work of his unit at the 2004 ICAAC in a poster presentation entitled “Impact of Chloroquine Resistance in Management of Uncomplicated Pediatric Malaria in Nigeria.” He requested to be registered in the premeeting workshop “Molecular Epidemiology and Diagnosis in Hospitals.”