Undergraduate Faculty

  • 2015 Calendar of Professional Development Opportunities Calendar
  • Guidelines for Best Biosafety Practices in Teaching Laboratories
  • Curriculum Resources & Publications
    Guidelines for teaching science cources for introductory microbiology, bioterrorism, microbiology majors, and general education majors.  Clearinghouse of visual and multimedia programs, standard laboratory protocols and atlases of laboratory results and scholarly publications in science teaching.
  • Conferences, Residencies and Institutes
    Annual conference on science updates and effective teaching practices.  Yearlong, in depth, faculty-driven training and mentoring on selected topics - scholarship of teaching and learning, science education research and publishing, student learning interventions, bioinformatics across the curriculum, and functional genomics.  Applications required.  
  • Networks and Virtual Communities
    E-announcements about ASM education programs and resources. On-line discussion group for educators to exchange ideas, discuss issues and challenges, and learn from one another.  Online database of biologists willing to mentor K-12 classroom teachers and students
  • Awards
    Travel grants to education programs and honorific awards in education.

K-12 Teachers and Scientists in K-12 Outreach

  • Classroom and Outreach Activities
    The science activities illustrate the power of the microbial world in everyday life.  Developed to use with K-12 students, all activities are inquiry-based and follow the National Science Education Standards (NSES). 
  • Resources
    Information, posters and brochures to download and share with students, parents and teachers.
  • Sponsored Events
    Calendar of ASM sponsored workshops and sessions at national teacher meetings.
  • Networking and Communities
    Interact with scientists, communicate with other teachers, and find out about local initiatives in teaching microbiology.  This webpage is a database of scientists available for classroom activities and mentoring.