International Professorship Program


The Program

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) International Professorship Program is intended to provide microbiological expertise and resources to faculty and students throughout the world, and to facilitate international collaborations between institutions.

The Indo-US Professorships in Microbiology
This Professorship encourages partnerships between the United States and India. Sponsored by the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum, the program enables:
  • Microbiologists in India and the United States to visit institutions in the other country to teach an interactive short course on a topic in any of the microbiological disciplines (Teaching Professor)
  • Microbiologists in India to participate in an interactive short course on a topic in any of the microbiological disciplines, or conduct a research project in partnership with colleague in a research facility in the U.S. (Research Professor).
Open to ASM members and non-members alike, the program seeks to broaden collaboration between India and the US on issues of global concern. Up to eight Professorships offered per program year.

Annual Deadlines - April 15 and October 15


To learn more click here: Indo-US Professorship in Microbiology


The ASM International Professorships for Asia, Africa and Latin America
These programs provide funding to ASM members from the US, who are scientifically recognized in his/her area, to teach a hands-on, highly interactive short courses on single topics in the microbiological sciences at institutions of higher learning in Asia, Africa or Latin America.
Annual Deadlines - April 15 and October 15
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