Networks and Virtual Communities

EduAlert - e-announcement about education programs and resources from the American Soceity for Microbiology

MICROEDU - e-mail discussion group for microbiology educators to exchange ideas, communicate issues and challenges, and learn from each other.  Sign up for the e-mail discussion group today.

Science Education Network - members of the microbiology community have volunteered to be a part of a unique resource for K-16 students and teachers – the Science Education Network (SEN).  These microbiology professionals and advocates volunteer their time to participate in national and local events such as festivals, science days, career fairs and science fairs. They mentor students and teachers in elementary, middle and high school and undergraduate colleges and universities.  As science experts, they evaluate resources for teaching and learning, and student applications for travel grants, research and teaching fellowships. Interested in helping out? Hurry up and join now! Become a critical resource for the community.



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