Honorary and Corresponding Members of the Society of American Bacteriologists/American Society for Microbiology



In the Constitution adopted at the first meeting of the Society of American Bacteriologists in 1899, Article 4 established two classes of members: active and honorary. Article 5 stated: "Distinguished men of science who have contributed to the advancement of bacteriology shall be eligible for election as honorary members of the Society. Honorary members shall pay no fees." By 1936, the constitutional language referred to “eminent investigators, whose contributions to the science of bacteriology entitle them to the highest honor within the power of the Society to confer.” From 1965 until 1993, Honorary membership was also available to persons who had “served the Society with eminence.”


In 1909, the Constitution was amended to add the category of corresponding member. Election criteria and benefits for honorary and corresponding members were identical. The number of corresponding members was limited to ten.


Although the Constitution and the minutes of the 1909 meeting made no indication as to other requirements for corresponding membership, the intent seems to have been to include foreign scientists of note in the Society (perhaps more to the glory of the young SAB than of those elected). Subsequent constitutions clarified the qualifications for nomination to corresponding membership: “distinguished men and women of science actively engaged in the promotion of the science of bacteriology but not residents of the United States or Canada.” Corresponding members were elected from around 1912 until 1953. The category was abolished in 1965.


Honorary membership has traditionally been the highest recognition the Society can bestow. Some corresponding members were subsequently given honorary membership. For additional information, contact the ASM Archivist


John George Adami (H 1920)

Kei Arima (H 1985)

Oswald Theodore Avery (H 1945)

Ira Lawrence Baldwin (H 1964)

Albert Balows (H 1989)

Horace Albert Barker (H 1980)

Christian Johan Gottfrid Barthel (C 1919)

Stanhope Bayne-Jones (H 1961)

Martinus Willem Beijerinck (C 1925)

Levette Joe Berry (H 1983)

John Edward Blair (H 1970)

Jules Bordet (C 1919)

John Hanna Brewer (H 1979)

Thomas D. Brock (H 1992)

Marvin P. Bryant (H 1997)

Robert Earle Buchanan (H 1959)

Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet (H 1967)

Robert Burri (C 1919)

Thomas Jonathan Burrill (H ca. 1911)

William Burrows (H 1975)

Leon Charles Albert Calmette (C 1919)

Charlotte Catherine Campbell (H 1985)

Linzy Leon Campbell (H 1984)

Theodore John Carski (H 1977)

Aldo Castellani (Count of Chisiamaio) (C 1920, H 1965)

Paul Franklin Clark (H 1963)

Rita R. Colwell (H 2000)

Norman Francis Conant (H 1975)

Harold Joel Conn (H 1973)

Herbert William Conn (H 1911)

Charles Donald Cox (H 1989)

Herald Rea Cox (H 1971)

Gail Monroe Dack (H 1969)

Vezeaux de Lavergne (C 1952)

Louis Ladislaus Dienes (H 1972)

Carroll William Dodge (H 1977)

Claude Ernest Dolman (H 1977)

Cornelia Mitchell Downs (H 1971)

Rene Jules Dubos (H 1967)

John Franklin Enders (H 1967)

Alice Catherine Evans (H1975)

Charles Albert Evans (H 1982)

William Howell Ewing (H 1979)

Anthony S. Fauci (H 2008)

Sir Alexander Fleming (H 1945)

Lord Howard Walter Florey (C 1945, H 1965)

Edwin Michael Foster (H 1987)

Thomas Francis, Jr. (H 1968)

William Carroll Frazier (H 1971)

Edwin Broun Fred (H 1960)

Martin Frobisher, Jr. (H 1980)

Sven Gard (H 1977)

Jacob Casson Geiger (H 1973)

Philipp Gerhardt (H 1991)

Howard Gest (H 1989)

Norman Edwin Gibbons (H 1973)

Michael Goldberg (H 2015)

Constantino Gorini (C 1910)

Marie Antoine Alexandre Guilliermond (C 1920)

Halvor Orin Halvorson (H 1969)

Harlyn Odell Halvorson (H 1987)

John Harold Hanks (H 1977)

Felix Haurowitz (H 1976)

Carl-Goran Heden (H 1977)

Michael Heidelberger (H 1976)

Ludvig Hektoen (H 1934)

Gladys Lounsberry Hobby (H 1983)

Riley Dee Housewright (H 1982)

Robert Edward Hungate (H 1979)

Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Imshensky (H 1968)

Henry Isenberg (H 1998)

Hans Lauritz Jensen (H 1966)

Edwin Oakes Jordan (H 1935)

J. Mehsen Joseph (H 1987)

Sam W. Joseph (H 2007)

Hajime Kadota (H 1987)

Reuben Leon Kahn (H 1977)

Pearl Louella Kendrick (H 1972)

George William Kidder (H 1977)

Joseph James Kinyoun (H ca. 1919)

Baron Shibasaburo Kitasato (C ca. 1925)

Albert Jan Kluyver (C 1937, H 1950)

Stewart Arment Koser (H 1970)

Lester Orville Krampitz (H 1985)

Wlodzimierz Kurylowicz (H 1983)

Franz Lafar (C 1912)

Sir Patrick Playfair Laidlaw (C 1938)

Rebecca Craighill Lancefield (H 1965)

Sir John Charles Grant Ledingham (C 1938)

Edwin Herman Lennette (H 1984)

Herman C. Lichstein (H 1986)

Allan Grant Lochhead (H 1973)

Salvador Edward Luria (H 1981)

Andre Michel Lwoff (H 1968)

Robert A. MacLeod (H 1992)

Thorvald Johannes Marius Madsen (C 1920)

Ivan Malek (H 1970)

Charles R. Manclark (H 1993)

Kevin C. Marshall (H 1995)

Sir Charles James Martin (C 1920)

John Matsen (H 2000)

Leland Swint McClung (H 1981)

Elizabeth Florence McCoy (H 1977)

William David McElroy (H 1982)

Henryk Meisel (H 1977)

Karl Friedrich Meyer (H 1961)

Sir Arnold Ashley Miles (H 1968)

Chu-Chi Ming (H 1997)

Jacques Monod (H 1971)

Veranus Alva Moore (H ca. 1919)

Richard Y. Morita (H 1990)

James W. Moulder (H 1995)

Stuart Mudd (H 1967)

Everitt George Dunne Murray (H 1962)

Robert George Everitt Murray (H 1988)

Georgii Adamovich Nadson (C 1937)

Erwin Neter (H 1982)

Fred Neufeld (C 1925)

Frederick George Novy (H 1937)

Walter James Nungester (H 1983)

George Henry Falkiner Nuttall (C 1920)

Vasilii Leonidovich Omelianskii (C 1925)

Sigurd Orla-Jensen (C 1920)

William Hallock Park (H ca. 1918)

Michael J. Pelczar, Jr. (H 1986)

Margaret Pittman (H 1976)

Robert Pollitzer (H 1968)

Americo Pomales-Lebron (H 1975)

John Roger Porter (H 1979)

David Pramer (H 1998)

Benjamin Prescott (H 1980)

Theophil Mitchell Prudden (H 1900)

Charles Chandler Randall (H 1987)

Kenneth Bryan Raper (H 1983)

Sydney Charles Rittenberg (H 1989)

Lore Alford Rogers (H 1960)

Noel R. Rose (H 1999)

Francis Peyton Rous (H 1964)

William Bowen Sarles (H 1979)

Sir William George Savage (C ca. 1922)

Moselio Schaechter (H 2014)

Hans Schlegel (H 1999)

Leon H. Schmidt (H 1988)

William Thompson Sedgwick (H 1911)

Heinz Paul Richard Seeliger (H 1977)

Morris Frank Shaffer (H 1980)

Nathan Sharon (H 2000)

Donald Emerson Shay (H 1983)

John C. Sherris (H 1990)

James Mackay Shewan (H 1987)

Victor Bruce Darlington Skerman (H 1986)

Hutton D. Slade (H 1988)

David Tillerson Smith (H 1970)

Louis De Spain Smith (H 1979)

Theobald Smith (H 1911)

Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Smorodintsev (C 1946, H 1966)

Peter Henry Andrews Sneath (H 1988)

Roger Yate Stanier (H 1979)

Robert Lyman Starkey (H 1970)

George Miller Sternberg (H 1900)

Hiroshi Tamiya (H 1966)

Theodore Thojtta (C 1937)

Wayne William Umbreit (H 1987)

Hamao Umezawa (H 1987)

Cornelis Bernard van Niel (H 1965)

Victor Clarence Vaughan (H ca. 1911)

Artturi Iimari Virtanen (H 1967)

Selman Abraham Waksman (H 1962)

George Ira Wallace (H 1969)

Dennis Wallace Watson (H 1985)

William Henry Welch (H 1911)

Helen Riaboff Whiteley (H 1991)

Robert Pierce Williams (H 1991)

Joe Bransford Wilson (H 1983)

Perry William Wilson (H 1975)

Sergei Nikolaevitch Winogradsy (C 1925, H 1953)

Charles-Edward Amory Winslow (H 1940)

Carl R. Woese (H 1997)

Ralph S. Wolfe (H 1994)

Willis A. Wood (H 1997)

Harold Boyd Woodruff (H 1984)

Orville Wyss (H 1984)

Viola Mae Young-Horvath (H 1989)

Victor Mikhaylovich Zhdanov (H 1976)

Claude Ephraim Zobell (H 1982)