How Do I?

General Meeting Session - Submit a proposal directly to the program committee

General Meeting Workshop - Submit a proposal directly to the program committee:

Submit a Book Proposal - See instructions posted on Direct any questions to Lindsay Williams:

Attend GM for a Day - If you can’t attend the entire General Meeting register for a day and also visit the exhibits:

Submit an article to Clinical Microbiology

Reviews - Prospective authors are advised to prepare an annotated topical outline, a list of key references showing the author's contributions to the field and a one- or two-paragraph statement detailing the aim, scope, and relevance of the review. More info:

Submit a Meeting Abstract - Visit the ASM General Meeting, ICAAC, or other ASM meeting website and submit your November abstract electronically. Acceptance of abstracts for the 2013 General Meeting start in 2012.

Propose an ASM Conference - ASM Conferences provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of specialized scientific information in an environment designed to encourage interaction amongst participants.

Submit an Event to the Meeting and Event Calendar - Go here and click the "Add a new event/deadline" link. FIll in the form and submit. Please allow 24 hours for ASM to review and publish your submission.


Join an ASM Branch - Find your local ASM Branch and join by clicking here.

Join an ASM International Facebook Group

Find a Mentor search databases provided by ASM members


Contact the Center for the History of Microbiology/ASM Archives (CHOMA) - For contact information and to visit the CHOMA Website go to