Lab & Classroom: Student, Postdoc, Supporting Discounted Member Rate

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Are you an ASM member who works with with students, postdocs, or lab techs? If so, you can provide them with a discount code for 2019 ASM membership at a reduced rate of $27. This represents a $5 savings. Please note that this rate is available for the Student, Postdoctoral or Supporting member rates only. To get access to the discount code, please do the following:

1) Complete the Faculty Data Form and email it to ASM at or Fax to 202-942-9346

2) A discount code will be emailed to you to share with your students, postdocs or techs

3) Provide the code to your students, postdocs or techs and direct them to join ASM at 



PLEASE NOTE:  To minimize overhead costs for ASM, thereby permitting the reduced price memberships, all Lab & Classroom memberships must be purchased online via the ASM website. Requests for student, postdoctoral or supporting membership received via any other method will be charged the full non-discounted rate of $32. You must be a 2019 ASM Member to participate in this program.