June 14, 2011 - FESAP Releases Recommendations on Select Agents and Toxins

The Federal Experts Security Advisory Panel (FESAP) released its recommendations concerning the Select Agent Program on June 14.  The report and other information are available at the following website:  http://www.phe.gov/Preparedness/legal/boards/fesap/Pages/default.aspx.   The FESAP was created by the July 2 President’s Executive Order 13546 on Biological Select Agent and Toxin Security and was tasked with reviewing tiering and reductions to the list of select agents and toxins and personnel reliability guidance for access to the highest tier of select agents. The FESAP was mandated to make recommendations for tiering and reducing the select agent list and for biosecurity for tier 1 agents.

The FESAP is accepting comments via the website which will be used in its ongoing work to assist the Select Agent Program. The FESAP recommendations have been delivered to the Select Agent Program Directors for their incorporation into the current Rulemaking Process.  The Select Agent regulations are scheduled to be revised by the end of 2011. The Select Agent Program http://www.selectagents.gov/ anticipates releasing their Proposed Rule for public comment in the Federal Register in the Fall of 2011.   

The ASM submitted comments in August of 2010 in response to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and USDA Animal Health Inspection Service (APHIS) requests for comments on the biennial review of the select agent and toxin lists. ASM also presented comments to the FESAP at its August 31, 2010 meeting.  Comments submitted to the FESAP and the Select Agent Program by the ASM Public and Scientific Affairs Board are available on the ASM Public Policy web site by clicking here.