Clinical Microbiology Resources

  • Sentinel Laboratory Guidelines
    The ASM has developed guidelines to assist Sentinel Level Clinical Microbiology Laboratories with information and techniques to rule out microorganisms that might be suspected as agents of bioterrorism or associated with an emerging infectious disease, or to refer specimens to public health laboratories for confirmation.

  • Infectious Disease Laboratory Testing
    The ASM Committees on Laboratory Practices and Professional Affairs have developed guidance documents for the detection of infectious diseases. 

  • Influenza
    The ASM developed a resource webpage with information and updates on Influenza.
  • CLSI Meeting Summaries
    The ASM is a member of the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).  CLSI’s mission is to develop best practices in clinical and laboratory testing and promote their use throughout the world, using a consensus-driven process that balances the viewpoints of industry, government, and the health care professions.  The ASM has a delegate to the CLSI, responsible for attending Committee meetings and voting on new guidelines on behalf of ASM.  Susan Sharp, Ph.D., is ASM’s delegate and Stephen Cavalieri, Ph.D., is ASM’s alternate delegate. 
  • Biosafety
    DOT Hazmat Final Rule, Large Scale Biosafety Guidelines, Tuberculosis, etc.
  • Workforce Issues
    ASM's Benchmarking Study, which is the final report the 2003 survey of clinical microbiology workloads, productivity rates and staffing vacancies, is now available. The Benchmarking Study, which is a project of the PSAB Committee on Professional Affairs, will enable clinical microbiology labs to measure themselves against peer groups and determine the level of technical skill required for present and future clinical lab procedures.