PC Award Past Winners 2011

2010      Debora MacKenzie

                “An End to Flu?”

                New Scientist


2009       Ken Armstrong & Michael Berens

                “Culture of Resistance”

Seattle Times


2008       Martin Enserink & Leslie Roberts

                “Combating Malaria”

                Science Magazine


2007       Kenneth Weiss & Usha McFarling

                “Altered Oceans”

  Los Angeles Times


2006       David Baron, Clark Boyd,
 Katy Clark,
& Orlando de Guzman

               “The Forgotten Plague: Malaria”

                Public Radio International’s “The World”


2005       Leslie Roberts

“Polio: The Final Assault?”
                Science Magazine


2004       Martin Enserink & Dennis  Normile

                “SARS In China”

 Science Magazine


2003       John Fauber & Mark  Johnson

                “A New Kind of Killer” and “The

                Hand of Man”

 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


2002       Jonathon Knight

              “Meet the Herod Bug”



2001       Janet Ginsburg

                “Bio Invasion”

                Business Week


2000       Susan Okie

“Science Races to Stem TB’s Threat”

The Washington Post


1999       Richard Monastersky

“The Rise of Life on Earth”

National Geographic


1998      Rachel Nowak & Ian  Anderson

                “Australia’s Giant Lab”

New Scientist


1997       Andy Coghlan

“Slime City: Where Bugs Build Skyscrapers”

New Scientist


1996       David Baron

                “Microbial Diversity”

                National Public Radio



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