General Information

Important Deadlines

Application Deadline June 15, 2004
Notification Deadline July 2, 2004
Registration Deadline July 9, 2004

Institute Overview

The Committee on Graduate Education seeks applications from graduate students and post-doctoral scientists for the Fourth Summer Institute in Preparations for Careers in Microbiology.


The goal of the Institute is to provide intensive and closely guided experience in five key topics important for choosing and succeeding in a microbiology career. These topics include:

  • Opportunities and preparation for diverse careers in microbiology
  • Preparations, review and critique of research proposals
  • Scientific presentations and communication
  • Effective teaching methods
  • Development of professional standards in microbiology

Participants will have an unique opportunity to enhance their skills in various areas of grantwriting and scientific communication, to learn about the rewards and preparation for various careers in microbiology, to help their professional development as microbiologists, and to participate in a demanding and intensive, yet enjoyable and constructive experience with both peers and senior microbiologists from around the country.


The Institute will provide habds-on experience in preparation and review of a research grant application and presentations of a short research talk, combined with personalized guidance in grant preparation and presentation and teaching techniques. Participants will be guided in small groups by members of the Committee and additional faculty members. Participants will be expected to develop a brief grant proposal and a research presentation from their own research activities or another topic of their choice. They will receive both group and individual advice on effective scientific communication in these formats. Each research proposal will be reviewed by other aprticipants and the faculty, allowing constructive criticisms of the presentation and a scientific review of the proposal. Discussion, workshops and practical advice will be provided in teaching and presentation techniques, allowing opportunity  for constructive review and improvement.

Participants will have opportunities to meet in groups and informal settings with microbiologists from a variety of career paths, such as major research universities, undergraduate and community teaching settings, biotechnology industry, public policy, clinical microbiology and public health. Each microbiologist will discuss the challenges and opportunities in his/her career choices and provide advice for preparation for entry into that setting.

A case-study approach addressing timely and important ethical and professional issues affecting microbiologists will be presented and discussed in groups.


Senior level graduate students and post-doctoral scientists  who:

  • Are an ASM student member or transitional member
  • Have established a research project in the microbiological sciences
  • Have passed their qualifyinf exams (if graduate student)

Participants will be chosen with the goal of bringing a broad range of experiences and career goals to the Institute. For example, every effort will be made to select participants representing scientific, geographic, racial and ethnic diversity.

Requirements for Participation

Upon acceptance to the Institute, participants will be required to prepare:

  • a 10-page preliminary proposal for funding their research
  • a resume and/or curriculum vitae
  • an electronic presentation (e.g. PowerPoint file) of their research work

This preparatory work is required as it provides a solid foundation for enhancing one's training and benefiting from the Institute.

Participants are asked to bring their own laptop computers to the Institute for preparing and sharing their work.

Participants will assume their own transportation and lodging expenses. Hotel rooms have been reserved at the conference site for participants.

Sponsorship and Credentials

The Summer Institute is sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology and the University of Connecticut at Storrs.

The ASM Education Board is a recipient of the 2000 Presidental Award for Excellence in Mentoring in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education. The Board was recognized by President Clintonf or its contribution to graduate education.