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Young scientists were recently asked to submit their depictions of how science can save the world. Which drawing do you think captured it best? Help us chose a winner by voting for your favorite drawing today! The winner will be featured prominently in the next issue of Cultures.

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t1-Courtney-MoxleyCourtney Moxley, 22
Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa
"The power of science is definitely tangible in my community, Hoedspruit, Limpopo, when you consider anti-rhino poaching efforts and schemes. Conservation biologists have brought the plight of the rhino into the lives, minds and hearts of all people here. It is an urgent and, admittedly, fashionable issue - the topic of discussion in every curio shop, pub and household. Science has the power to dispel all ignorance around this serious topic and get the weight of entire communities, countries and continents behind the cause. My dream for Hoedspruit is that the mantra of "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" becomes as powerful in the lives of people in my community as "Save the Rhino". Science has power here. Science can step up and drive energy into fighting the issue of accumulating waste - a problem on a global scale - just as it has done for a problem which is largely limited to Southern Africa."

- 3 Years ago

Jessica KleinJessica Klein, 25
Pulllman, Washington, USA
"Generating Neural and Global Circuitry"

- 3 Years ago

Wilson Dwinanda PutraWilson Dwinanda Putra, 22
Jakarta, Indonesia
"My drawing's title is "Earth Potion", which means with Science we can make a better Earth (Even the Best!) if we continue to do some multi-field researches. I hope my drawing can inspire every person who take a look on that."

- 3 Years ago

Rocill Jhen G. CaspilloRocill Jhen G. Caspillo, 21
Iloilo, Philippines

- 3 Years ago

Kristina Celyna R. OrtizKristina Celyna R. Ortiz, 22
Paranaque City, Philippines
"Science is not just abstract or concrete; it's everywhere. It influences the mind to materialize ideas that will achieve success and improve for change towards a greater community."

- 3 Years ago

Supreet KhareSupreet Khare

- 3 Years ago

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