Volunteer for Service

Volunteer For The Science Educator Network

Database of scientists who have identified themselves and their area of expertise.

  • Serve as a Mentor; members may mentor, advise and provide expert assistance to teachers and students. 
  • Serve as a Reviewer for Educational Resources; review educational resources for ASM's digital Library.
  • Serve as a Reviewer for ASM Fellowships; reviewers are selected for their scientific expertise, training experience and commitment to excellence in education. 


Scientists Reviewing Educational Resources  
ASM provides peer-reviewed educational resources including visual and multimedia programs, classroom activities for K-16 education, teaching tips and tools, laboratory protocols, and scholarly papers.  The ASM provides reviews of books and multimedia programs commenting on scientific accuracy, instructional use and appropriateness in science teaching and learning.   The ASM recommends resources for graduate students and post-doctoral scientists in developing professional skills such as grantwriting, publishing, teaching and career planning.  All reviews are conducted by members of the microbiology community, at their convenience and without leaving the office.  Selection criteria and guidelines for preparing reviews are provided.    Sign up with the Science Education Network to volunteer to review.  Check out the resources:


Scientists Reviewing Travel Grants and Fellowships 
Prospective reviewers are selected for their scientific expertise, training experience and commitment to excellence in education. Applications are reviewed throughout the year.  If you would like to review the ASM fellowships, sign up for the Science Education Network.  Check out the ASM Fellowship under the student and postdoctoral scientists programs.


Volunteer as an International Mentor

Through the International Mentoring Program, experienced ASM members offer assistance to young scientists, ranging from giving career advice to reviewing a paper for publication, from advising on a grant application to offering to host a short-term ASM International Fellow. Our ASM Mentor volunteers come from all over the world, representing all fields of microbiology, and add a truly global aspect to the International Mentoring Program.

Volunteer as a Minority Mentor

The Minority Mentoring Program has identified volunteers who can:

  • Discuss current research in the mentor's field of expertise.
  • Provide general information such as which schools offer appropriate programs in the microbiological sciences in support of the requestor’s interests.
  • Provide general information about which courses should be taken and what financial aid may be available for minority students.
  • Provide advice and feedback to a student or professional on projects, curriculum, grant applications, or publication of research results.
  • Host a promising young scientist in the mentor's laboratory.

Volunteer to host an ASM International Fellow in your laboratory
The ASM International Fellowship Program encourages research and training collaborations in the microbiological sciences internationally for early-career microbiologists in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Volunteer as an ASM International Professor for Africa, Asia or Latin America and the Caribbean
The ASM International Professorship Programs are intended to provide microbiological expertise and resources to faculty and students throughout the world, and to facilitate international collaborations between institutions. ASM members may teach a short course in microbiology at institutions of higher learning in Africa, Asia, or Latin America and the Caribbean.

Volunteer for the ASM-IUSSTF Indo-US Professorship in Microbiology Program as a host or visiting teacher
Open to ASM members and non-members alike, the program encourages partnerships between the US and India and seeks to broaden collaboration on issues of global concern. Sponsored by the Indo-US Science & Technology Forum, the program enables:

  • Microbiologists in India and the US to visit institutions in the other country to teach an interactive short course on a topic in any of the microbiological disciplines through the Teaching Professorship.  Volunteer as a Visiting Teaching Professor
  • Microbiologists in India to participate in an interactive short course on a topic in any of the microbiological disciplines, or conduct a research project in partnership with colleague in a research facility in the US through the Research Professorship.  Volunteer to host a Visiting Research Professor

UNESCO/ASM International Visiting Resource Person (VRP) Program
Members of the ASM who will be visiting resource-limited nations on academic or other business can arrange to spend a day with colleagues at a University or Research Institute in a major city.  The ASM member is expected to present a seminar to faculty and students in the institution and to spend the rest of the visit as a resource person discussing novel ideas for scientific research, curriculum development and international co-operation with local faculty and students.

Volunteer Translators Network
The International Education Committee (IEC) has launched the Volunteer Translators Network Program to make ASM web-based materials more accessible to international members.  Through this program, ASM members can assist in translating important resources, such as the MicrobeLibrary, into other languages.  Currently, the IEC is working with Spanish, French, and Portuguese-speaking members and actively seeking additional volunteers.