Frequent Questions about the ASM Web Site

Can I search a database of ASM members?
The link to ASM Member Directory Search is restricted to ASM Members only.  You can navigate to the directory from any page by using the dropdown menu for For Members > Search Membership Directory located in the page header. The link opens a search page only available to ASM members.  While user login and registration is inconvenient for well intentioned and legitimate users, it is a necessary barrier to software programs that routinely scan for personal information to harvest and exploit. 

Explain what’s going on when I follow the link "My Account/Profile'". 
Your account is the repository for contact information and professional information about you.  This is the information ASM will use to contact you, and the information others will see as your profile if you choose to make this information visible in the Member Directory Search. A login is required to update your profile.  Once you are logged in you can update your account information.  The My Account menu includes options to update:

  • Account Settings (email address and password)
  • Contact Information – postal and phone contact information
  • Scientific Biographical Information – Divisions and demographic information
  • Privacy Settings – to manage how visible your profile information is to others community members

How can I locate my member number online?
Your member number can be found in your online Member Directory profile.  If you have ever created an online account at the ASM eStore you can use the same credentials, (username and password), to login. What on-line information does ASM have about me? ASM acquires information about individual members and non-members based on their interactions with ASM products and services.  For example:

  • Your online contact information is the result of either online or paper order forms you complete to purchase an ASM product or service – membership dues, subscriptions, page charges, meeting registration, etc.
  • Credit card information is not available on-line after a transaction is completed.
  • Application forms you complete such as grants, fellowships, etc. once submitted are not combined with other on-line information.
  • Subscriptions to email discussion lists are voluntary, (opt in).
  • Subscriptions to email announcement lists are voluntary, (opt in).

What is your Privacy Policy? Does ASM share my personal information with others?

  • We never share your email address with other organizations.
  • Your postal mailing address may be shared with carefully screened commercial interests.
  • Your contact and profile information is online in the Directory.  This directory is viewable by registered users of the site.  ASM member and ASM non-members are welcome to register.

What are my privacy options?Members may opt in or opt out at anytime from each of the following types of communication.

  • Promotional emails from ASM about ASM products and services
  • Postal mailings from screened commercial interests
  • The online Directory contact and profile information

To mange your privacy settings you must first be logged in to your profile.  Privacy Settings  allow you to make your profile and contact information visible to everyone, only ASM members, or to no one.   If you are a volunteer mentor, your contact information will be available online to individuals searching the mentor database. There are several such mentor databases, specialized by the type of mentor activity.

  • Science Education Network (SEN)
  • International Mentoring
  • Minority Mentoring

To add, update or remove your mentor contact information, members must first be logged in. Follow the link to “Volunteer for Service” found on the landing page of   

How come my Username and Password do not work?
Usernames and passwords can be different depending on the site you are trying to access. If may be helpful to know that the ASM Journals website and the Journal submission and review website have their own set of credentials and are different from all other sites.  A detailed list of ASM websites and the login credentials needed for each is at here

I requested a password reminder, but the email I received has no username and password.
The password reminder message will have no username or password if you have never created one for your online account.  The process begins at

How do I find science information on the site?There typically no published scientific research on the site.
There are science policy documents prepared by the Public Affairs board. These can be found by using the drop down menus under Policy. The dropdown menu for Publications will lead to other ASM sites that host any available scientific research. 

What is ASMScience and how do I use it? is the ASM’s e-commerce website for online sales to individuals.  Membership, journal subscriptions, books, conference registration and online products can be purchased online.  When you login to ASMScience all member discounts based on your membership status are displayed as your “Qualified Price”. 

You can navigate directly to, or click the link to ASMScience found in the page header of

Browser Support
The ASM site is built to be compatible with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari or Firefox browsers.  It is typical for incompatibilities to surface when new versions are released.  If you encounter a technical problem in this regard please let us know the nature of the problem.