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ASM Attends UN General Assembly

ASM President, Susan Sharp, Ph.D., joined global leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York today in a historical meeting to focus on the commitment to fight AMR.

UN General Assembly Focuses on AMR

Leaders at the UN General Assembly draft a plan for coordinated, cross-cutting efforts to improve the current state of AMR.

Superbugs are a 'Fundamental Threat'

If antibiotics were telephones, we would still be calling each other using clunky rotary dials and copper lines," Stefano Bertuzzi, CEO of ASM, told NBC News.
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His laboratory’s work focuses on characterizing the structure and function of the terminal steps of heme biosynthesis in both eucaryotes and procaryotes. This work has involved the functional characterization of the terminal three enzymes and the identification of bacterial-specific enzymes at the penultimate and antepenultimate steps. This has included the identification of unique [2Fe-2S] clusters in bacterial ferrochelatase, one of which is similar to the [2Fe-2S] cluster of animal ferrochelatases. He has also characterized the molecular basis of some human porphyrias including the creation of a knockin mouse to recreate the molecular basis of South African variegate porphyria, an inherited human disease for which he first identified the causative mutation.