kang gagandeep


Dr. Kang focuses on enteric infectious diseases and the consequences of intestinal infection on immune response, gut function and nutrition in children. Based at a medical school in a small town in India, over the past 20 years she has built a strong inter-disciplinary research and training program, where young faculty and graduate students are mentored before embarking on independent research careers. Her laboratory has studied human and bovine-human reassortant rotaviruses in children with gastroenteritis in hospitals, the neonatal nursery and the community. Neonatal rotavirus infection was shown not to protect against subsequent infection and disease, a finding with serious implications for vaccine development. The potential for transmission of animal enteric viruses and parasites to humans has been shown and has great relevance for both public health and pathogen evolution. Complementary studies on water safety have shown that control strategies can effectively prevent or reduce diarrhoeal disease. Dr. Kang’s work has led to practical interventions to prevent diarrhoea, and continues to lay the groundwork for further interventions in the form of treatment techniques and vaccines.