shao yiming


Yiming Shao is credited with establishing the National AIDS Reference Laboratory and leading the national expert committee to help China develop three key infrastructures: the five-level HIV testing network with more than 8,000 laboratories, the HIV molecular epidemiology network, and the national HIV drug resistance monitoring network.

Dr. Shao first reported China’s nationwide HIV molecular epidemiology profile and HIV seroincidence data and drug resistance patterns of Chinese patients on HAART. He and Dr. Shen, who made the world’s 1st lentivirus vaccine in the 1970s, studied the genetic evolution of EIAV wide-type to vaccine strains and its protection mechanisms. Shao pioneered the research re-designing HIV vaccine antigen. His novel vaccine using Chinese vaccinia virus as vector fully protects monkeys against homologous SHIV challenge. Being the only replicating vector HIV vaccine in humans of the last decade, it finished Phase I clinical trials and is moving to Phase II.

Dr. Shao is the vice chair of the National AIDS Expert Committee and Chair of the Virology Committee of Chinese Microbiology Society. In the international arena, he is the member of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses and the SAB on the Gates’ Grand Challenge in Global Health program. He serves on WHO's Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee for HIV/AIDS, HIVResNet Steering Committee, as well as HIV Vaccine Advisory committee. He received numerous national science awards and published more than 300 papers in Chinese and international journals.